Warehouse on the Canal

(Orig. Published 3/2004)

This seemingly quaint building on Canal Street in Canal Fulton is a one-stop shop for practically all of your needs:  antiques, collectibles, artwork, hair salon, restaurant and….ghosts.

Built in 1906 along the banks of the old Ohio and Erie Canal, this 3-story building was originally owned by Charles O. Finefrock.   Doing business as Finefrock Furniture (which later became C.O. Finefrock Company), he sold and warehoused furniture on the first two floors.

Ever the shrewd businessman, Finefrock later diversified.  Beginning around 1916, he ran a mortuary and funeral parlor in the basement.  The mortuary continued operations until the 1930’s.

For several decades, most of the building, including the attic and basement, were closed to the public.  Therefore, little is known about any “unusual” events in the building, especially during the time Finefrock operated it as a furniture dealer and undertaker. 

The building was recently acquired by new owners, who rehabbed the place into a specialty shopping mall.  They also  unsealed the attic and basement.

Since then, reports of ghost sightings and strange occurrences started flooding in.

The attic. Slightly visible on the floor in the middle of the picture is a mat where some ghost hunters have performed dowsing.

On February 28th, 2004, we ventured to this mysterious building with Ken from Moonspenders.

Although the Warehouse on the Canal does hold ghost tours on limited, scheduled dates, the owners were gracious and hospitable enough to give us a private tour and discuss some of the sightings and other interesting information.

To the left is a photo of some outrageously-steep stairs leading from the attic to a small alcove above the elevator shaft.
Needless to say, we did not make the hazardous climb up to investigate further. Insurance issues, you know.

A couple of people have reported seeing the ghost of a little girl around the old elevator shaft.  Some have speculated that she died in or around the elevator, perhaps from an accident.


A shot of some attic windows overlooking Canal Street.

The basement.

It is believed that this section of the basement was once part of the mortuary.  Some ghost hunters have reported heightened activity coming from this corner area.

In addition to spotting the ghost of a child, several people have experienced cold spots, “disembodied footsteps” and other strange noises.  Employees at the hair salon indicated that their stereo has repeatedly tuned itself back to the same radio station. Lights that turn on and off on their own accord and other electrical disturbances have also been reported.

Another corner of the mortuary section of the basement.

Several people claimed to have spotted persons in “period clothing” wandering the warehouse, including an older gentleman dressed in a tan hat and overcoat near the furniture store’s old office.  Perhaps Mr. Finefrock never left the building.

This section of the basement is where many have felt the most negative vibes.  Perhaps it has to do with the black paint, the way the uneven floor slopes down toward the covered door and elevator shaft, and the feeling that the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees here.

Nonetheless, it was agreed that this was the creepiest place in the building.

An outside shot of the side of the building.  One can still make out the original, hand-painted signs for “The Finefrock” furniture store, and “Honest Scrap” tobacco chew.

Due to space limitations, not everything about this warehouse is featured on this page, including the sections of the second floor where additional sightings have been reported.  The attic and basement have been untouched in the remodeling process, and, according to the owners, appear as they did almost 100 years ago. 

The attic and the basement are closed off to the public, except during the tours. We strongly encourage interested readers to participate in the warehouse ghost tours and dinners.  The dinners are provided by “Let’s Mango” restaurant in the warehouse, which serves excellent, authentic Caribbean foods and drinks. The next available 2004 dates are:  April 3rd, May 1st (Celtic Feast of the Beltaine), May 22nd, June 12th, June 21st (Summer Solstice) July 3rd, and July 31st.  For you die-hard ghosthunters out there, these dates were selected with moon phases and special seasonal events in mind. 

The Warehouse on the Canal is located at 239 North Canal Street in Canal Fulton.  For more information about the ghost tours, or to make a reservation, contact the Warehouse at (330) 854-1111.  You can also visit the website for the Warehouse on the Canal by clicking here.

On Saint Patrick’s Day 2004 (March 17th), we will be returning to the Warehouse on the Square to participate in one of the group ghost tours.  Given the canal’s history (see Lock Four), the date seems especially appropriate.  Unfortunately, the St. Paddy’s slot is now *sold out*.  However, we will update this page with the results of our tour.

Many thanks to Ken & Margarita Roberts and Chell, all of the Warehouse, for their kind and informative assistance; and to Sherri Brake-Recco for tipping us off to this fine gem.  Sherri’s submission and photographs from her investigation of the Warehouse on the Canal can be found by going to the Stories and Submissions page.


4/10/04:  On March 17th, 2004, we participated in the Warehouse’s special St. Patrick’s Day ghost hunt and dinner along with Ken Summers from Moonspenders.  The food and drinks were excellent, of course.  We strongly recommend that you partake in the “ghost breeze”, a special sugar cane juice and rum concoction that warms up and finely tunes the senses quite nicely.  <wink>

Sherri Brake-Recco (“Mistress Sherri”) did an extraordinary job of guiding and assisting the group.  She provided training in dowsing and the use of other miscellaneous “ghost hunting” equipment.  She also told some colorful canal ghost tales that only enhanced the mood felt by many seated in the dark, candle-lit rooms of the old warehouse.  Even for the skeptics in our group (myself included), the experience was quite entertaining and informative.

While we had previously toured the Warehouse during daylight hours, it was no substitute for experiencing the tour at night.  Below are some photos of our tour that night.  (Yes, there are “orbs” in these pics, but there are natural explanations for them). 

The Warehouse will soon be conducting an overnight ghost hunt, which will include a late dinner, midnight snack, a stroll through the nearby Pioneer Cemetery, and breakfast. There will also be ghosthuntin’ and story swapping all night long.   A date has not yet been set for the overnight, but check out the updates on the website for the Warehouse on the Canal by clicking here.

A photo taken of the Warehouse’s attic.  This is the area where coffins and, later, tombstones used to be stored.

This is the second frame of pictures taken from this same section of the attic.

This photo was taken of the basement facing the old mortuary.  In the center, to the left of the door (and directly below the faint orb), Ken observed a sunken section, and pointed out a hollow sound coming from below.

5/15/04:  On June 5th, 2004, the Warehouse will host an OVERNIGHT ghost hunt, beginning 9:00 p.m. and ending 3:00 p.m. the next day.  The overnight will be hosted by Sherri, who will be setting up motion detectors and other fancy ghost huntin’ equipment.  The cost is a measly $40.00. Tasty beverages and snacks will be provided. For those brave souls who are interested in participating in this event, contact the Warehouse at (330) 854-1111.  Or check out the website by clicking here.

1/27/04:  A haunted warehouse and former mortuary in Canal Fulton has opened its doors for ghost hunters like Sherri, who shares the building’s spooky legends, as well as some photographs from a ghost tour of the place.

Canal Fulton Ohio – Warehouse on the Canal – 239 N. Canal St.

This is a 3-story brick building that was built in 1906 and was the home of Finnefrock Furniture for many years. There have been reports of apparitions in period clothing, disembodied footsteps, lights turning on and off, radio stations changing and unexplained noises.

This was also home to a mortuary in the lower basement from 1916-1936.  There have been high EMF readings and temp drops noted at the same time.  Spirit  energy has produced orbs in photographs and caused someone with physic abilities to feel “bombarded” on a recent visit. Two reports have been given from 2 separate visitors who “saw” a dead child at the bottom of the stairs to the attic.  I have dowsed this building several times for spirit energy and found many spirits present and moving.

This building now houses an antique mall and shops, along with a wonderful teahouse called “Let’s Mango” . The building is open to the public, but the 3rd floor and basement mortuary can only be accessed during the ghost tours that they are now giving there. Reservations for tours 1-330-854-1111.

Canal Fulton is a very historic town located on the Ohio Erie Canal and was a boom town for miners and canalers back in the mid 19th century.  Not everything is so quaint in this town, though, after experiencing this building energies! Haunted Rogues Hollow, Cry Baby Bridge and Lock 4 are not far away. The home across the road was a stop on the Underground Railroad and has tunnels leading to the canal at one time.

First photo- “basement orbs” taken in the basement mortuary

2nd photo- Dowsing for spirit energy in the basement mortuary-an orb is behind him.

 3rd photo- 2nd floor moving orb

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