Submission: Moonville Tunnel

Orig. Published 10/18/03:  Fast-Freight ecently conducted an investigation of Moonville with his wife, and uncovers a little-known death at Moonville Tunnel.  Here are the gruesome (and fascinating) details:

My wife and I did a spur of the moment trip down to Moonville on October 16th, 2003.  It was my 4th trip to the tunnel.  We arrived around 5:45pm.  I first had to walk back through the rock cut site of the Dec. 26 1939 wreck.  Whenever I come to this wreck site, the temperature seems to drop at least 15 degrees. Continue reading

Republic Ghost Train

(Orig. Published 1/2003)


On the cold, late evening of January 10, 1887, a passenger express train was traveling along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, heading west at sixty miles an hour.  It was due to arrive at the Republic station at 2:00 a.m..  On the same rail line, and from the opposite direction, a slower-moving freight train was leaving Tiffin and heading toward the same destination.  The freight train was supposed to arrive and pull off at the Republic station well before the passenger train would arrive.

Workers on the freight train grossly miscalculated the time and distance between them and the speeding passenger train. Continue reading