Mansfield Reformatory


(Orig. Published 8/14/2005)

Built in 1886, the Ohio State Reformatory was designed to humanely rehabilitate first-time offenders, and was initially applauded as a positive step toward prison reform.  However, conditions rapidly deteriorated.  After 94 years of operation, the prison’s legacy became one of abuse, torture, and murder.  Denounced by civil rights activists for its “brutalizing and inhumane conditions,”  the prison eventually shut down in 1990.

Now, within the decaying walls of this abandoned prison, the restless spirits of its prisoners and workers are said to still remain confined. Continue reading


(Orig. Published 3/2002)

(Summit County, Ohio).   Hundreds of individuals have reported widespread violence, murder, stalking, wild animal attacks, satanic worship and other occult activity, and unexplained (possibly supernatural) phenomenon isolated within and around Boston Township, Bath, Sagamore Hills and Peninsula.  Continue reading

Top ‘O The World

(Orig. Published 3/2002)

This is truly one of the creepiest “haunted sites” in the area. It is situated on top of a hill off of Bath Road and is part of the Hampton Hills park owned and maintained by the Akron Metroparks.  It is comprised of a farmhouse, outbuilding and barn.

While stories about this place vary, what most have in common is the appearance of a black, shadowy figure that menaces persons who venture in or around the property.

According to legend, this property was once owned by a farmer and his family, who were brutally murdered by a satanic cult.  Another variation of the story has the farmer murdering his wife and two children.  The farmer then hung himself in the barn.  Some elements of this story overlap with the Legend of the Seven Barns. 

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Beaver Creek (Sprucevale)

(Orig. Published 8/2002)

Beaver Creek, located in and near East Liverpool, is arguably the largest haunted site in the State.  At least 5 true and not-so-true legends are tied to this area.  Most are associated with the part of Beaver Creek once known as Sprucevale. Sprucevale is a “ghost town,” a canal town abandoned in 1870 after the collapse of the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  Continue reading

Bloody Mary

(Orig. Published 9/2003)

Below the waters of Lake Erie around the Sandusky Bay lives an old, ugly hag by the name of Mary.   Mary once fell in love with a young man from Huron.  He, of course, was not attracted to her.  Mary grew more obsessed with this man, and continued to pursue him despite his repeated rejections.

Mary soon turned to black witchcraft to win him over. Continue reading

Return to Helltown

(Orig. Published 9/2002)

September 2002:

Almost one year has passed since our last triumphant investigation of Boston Township, or Helltown.  We conquered the cemetery mound with nary a scratch from the tired ghost and his tree-limbed brethren. We traversed the Highway to Hell like skilled navigators.  We escaped the clutches of that anonymous figure who stalked us in the woods.  And the cops didn’t catch us. Continue reading