Crybaby Bridge: Helltown

(Orig. Published 5/2003)

Of course, Helltown has a crybaby bridge. The actual story is a little fuzzy on the details– at some point in the past, a child was supposedly thrown off the bridge and died in the Cuyahoga river below.   Continue reading

Beaver Creek (Sprucevale)

(Orig. Published 8/2002)

Beaver Creek, located in and near East Liverpool, is arguably the largest haunted site in the State.  At least 5 true and not-so-true legends are tied to this area.  Most are associated with the part of Beaver Creek once known as Sprucevale. Sprucevale is a “ghost town,” a canal town abandoned in 1870 after the collapse of the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  Continue reading

Bloody Mary

(Orig. Published 9/2003)

Below the waters of Lake Erie around the Sandusky Bay lives an old, ugly hag by the name of Mary.   Mary once fell in love with a young man from Huron.  He, of course, was not attracted to her.  Mary grew more obsessed with this man, and continued to pursue him despite his repeated rejections.

Mary soon turned to black witchcraft to win him over. Continue reading

The Ashtabula Train Disaster

(Orig. Published 9/2002)

This tragic event is the origin of the nearby Haunted Chestnut Grove Cemetery, where many of the train accident victims are buried. The accident was caused largely by the collapse of the railroad bridge.  Legend states that the ghosts of the victims return to the bottom of the bridge on the anniversary of the disaster. Continue reading

Akron Civic Theater

(Orig. Published 7/2002)

The Akron Civic Theater was built next to–and over–the Ohio and Erie canal in Downtown Akron in 1929. 

From a serious standpoint, it remains one of the true gems of Akron.  The inside is designed to resemble a Turkish Palace, and is lavishly decorated and sculpted, retaining many Art Deco features.  The theater itself contains a grand, full-sized organ hidden beneath the stage on a special elevator, elevating the organ in a Dr. Phibes-like fashion during  performances.   The ceiling was designed to resemble a sky.  Lights in the ceiling twinkled like stars, and special projectors gave the effect of clouds drifting across the ceiling.  Continue reading

Abbott’s Tomb

(Orig. Published 6/2002)

This legend was first published on the Forgotten Ohio website.  Located in the old Milan Cemetery in Erie County, the mausoleum is said to be inhabited by the restless ghosts of Mr. and Mrs. Abbott.  As the story goes, the Abbott ghosts like their privacy and will run off any intruder who knocks on the crypt’s door.

While this site normally covers Northeast Ohio haunts and cemeteries, this cemetery was too good to resist.  Continue reading