Beaver Creek (Sprucevale)

(Orig. Published 8/2002)

Beaver Creek, located in and near East Liverpool, is arguably the largest haunted site in the State.  At least 5 true and not-so-true legends are tied to this area.  Most are associated with the part of Beaver Creek once known as Sprucevale. Sprucevale is a “ghost town,” a canal town abandoned in 1870 after the collapse of the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  Continue reading

Cleveland Agora Theatre

(Orig. Published 9/3/2004)

Elvis and the Beatles once “haunted” the stage of this historic theatre, but some say real ghosts also haunt the Cleveland Agora Theatre.  If you are patient, attentive and brave enough to venture the dark corridors, catwalks and hidden rooms, then you just may encounter one of the theatre’s mysterious inhabitants. Continue reading

Akron Civic Theater

(Orig. Published 7/2002)

The Akron Civic Theater was built next to–and over–the Ohio and Erie canal in Downtown Akron in 1929. 

From a serious standpoint, it remains one of the true gems of Akron.  The inside is designed to resemble a Turkish Palace, and is lavishly decorated and sculpted, retaining many Art Deco features.  The theater itself contains a grand, full-sized organ hidden beneath the stage on a special elevator, elevating the organ in a Dr. Phibes-like fashion during  performances.   The ceiling was designed to resemble a sky.  Lights in the ceiling twinkled like stars, and special projectors gave the effect of clouds drifting across the ceiling.  Continue reading