Submission: Ghost pic from Beaver Creek?

November 2011:  Is this a ghost in Jessica’s pic?

A few years back me and a few family members went down to Gretchen’s Lock and to the Hambleton Mill. We were snapping a few pictures and at first didn’t think we found anything. Well recently I came across these pictures again and when I looked closely at this one, my husband and I think we see a man’s face with 2 black dots for eyes and he has a mustache. See if you see anyone.

Beaver Creek (Sprucevale)

(Orig. Published 8/2002)

Beaver Creek, located in and near East Liverpool, is arguably the largest haunted site in the State.  At least 5 true and not-so-true legends are tied to this area.  Most are associated with the part of Beaver Creek once known as Sprucevale. Sprucevale is a “ghost town,” a canal town abandoned in 1870 after the collapse of the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  Continue reading