Top ‘O The World

(Orig. Published 3/2002)

This is truly one of the creepiest “haunted sites” in the area. It is situated on top of a hill off of Bath Road and is part of the Hampton Hills park owned and maintained by the Akron Metroparks.  It is comprised of a farmhouse, outbuilding and barn.

While stories about this place vary, what most have in common is the appearance of a black, shadowy figure that menaces persons who venture in or around the property.

According to legend, this property was once owned by a farmer and his family, who were brutally murdered by a satanic cult.  Another variation of the story has the farmer murdering his wife and two children.  The farmer then hung himself in the barn.  Some elements of this story overlap with the Legend of the Seven Barns. 

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Edwin Shaw Hospital

(Orig. Published 10/2002)

Currently a rehabilitation facility, Edwin Shaw Hospital was formerly known as Springfield Lake Sanitarium.  The sanitarium was opened in 1915.  It is located on Sanitarium Road (of course!) in Lakemore, Ohio, near the Akron airport. 

The hospital campus is rumored to be haunted by the various ghosts of its former occupants.  In addition, nearby Springfield Lake is the site of strange occurrences–mainly unexplained floating lights–reported by local fishermen. Continue reading

Akron Civic Theater

(Orig. Published 7/2002)

The Akron Civic Theater was built next to–and over–the Ohio and Erie canal in Downtown Akron in 1929. 

From a serious standpoint, it remains one of the true gems of Akron.  The inside is designed to resemble a Turkish Palace, and is lavishly decorated and sculpted, retaining many Art Deco features.  The theater itself contains a grand, full-sized organ hidden beneath the stage on a special elevator, elevating the organ in a Dr. Phibes-like fashion during  performances.   The ceiling was designed to resemble a sky.  Lights in the ceiling twinkled like stars, and special projectors gave the effect of clouds drifting across the ceiling.  Continue reading