Submission: Spooky Hollow (Cincinnati)

Katie shares some tales and asks for info on this apparently evil little place.

There’s a street in the Indian Hills area around Cincinnati that is called Spooky Hollow (not to be confused with Spooky Ridge which is nearby). According to hordes of teenagers, it is haunted to all hell and back. Supposedly, you come to a driveway where you cross a wooden bridge and end up at a “devil worship church”. Also, there’s a version where you come to a dead end street that has a sign reading: “Welcome to Sleepy Hollow”. My boyfriend and I have spent several hours and a lot of gas over three different nights trying to find these places. I’ve done some research over several haunted Ohio sites and found nothing in regards to this place. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of it, or maybe have even been there??

Webmistress Note:
  We have not heard of these particular legends associated with the Sleepy Hollow/Indian Hills area.  One would think that with a town that has an actual road named “Spooky Hollow,” there would be.  The closest thing we have heard has to do with “Satan’s Hollow,” but the legends are not similar to this one. Hopefully, you folks out there might know of these legends and share some info.

7/11/2011:Ben brings this spook party to a halt:

My ex-wife used to live on that exact street, I can tell you first hand, that NOTHING happens there. I know the bridge that is mentioned, by that bridge is a road that leads to a horse barn (not spooky let alone haunted).

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  1. I actually once drove by this road, going to Indian Hill Middle School for a writing tournament. The bridge is there, it’s a small thing, being a one-lane bridge. Only 1 car at a time can go down it. Other than the fact that the bridge just didn’t feel right, I didn’t really encounter anything noteworthy. I did think it was an odd name, but only drove by.

  2. I went to milford h.s, in the 70s
    I can tell you for certain there was a mansion in indian hills with a grown over “garden” within this overgrown area were strange statues and a sundial. a large statue was clearly satanic, a goat headed figure. there were pentagrams carved in the stone. it was a very creepy place and we did not stay long as it was private property and we were tresspassing.

    • The part castle home? I know exactly who that use to belong to and was inherited by a neighbor i grew up with.

      Ill be discreet who…. but are billionares and origiganal home owner and rest ….
      They arent satanic,
      And statues were ridded once she died.
      And since then they sold the property.

      Spooky hallow is not haunted. There is a hot spot in one area i know a death occured . But deer flood tge area and deer do not roam satanic etc areas.

  3. I have visited this place twice and I have heard rumors over 100 bodies being buried in the corn field in the spooky hollow massacre but never found anything on Google about that. The whole road is just creepy especially the house next to the farm that has absolutely nothing in it completely empty with every light on.

  4. I grew up in Blue Ash Ohio and spent many nights running around Spooky Hollow. I have been to the Moaning Statue many times. Back then we called the old house (now renovated, built in 1735) alone the little Miami Rive the Crematory. Yes, that is what we believed it to be. It was not. Oddly I recently looking into buying that house as a summer home. Where Spooky Hollow meets Loveland Madera Rd just opposite there in an old train trestle bridge. Back in the late 70’s there was a poster on one of the pilasters the read “yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever” The image on the poster was a burning cross whit a klansmen on it. Though tere was not a lot of Klan activity anywhere around there it added to the freakyness of the place. Sorry to say the other than unbelievable natural character no ghost or monsters lurk there, just a lot of really great Horse Properties

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