Submission: Muskingham University Hauntings

10/4/2016: Kallie shares her experiences as a student at haunted Muskingham University.

Not sure if you’ve heard about this school before, but many other paranormal sites list it and as a current student I’ve experienced a lot of freaky stuff too.

The first place (which many sites list as the only haunting) is Patton Hall. It is the oldest dorm on campus and was built in the 20s. At some point, and I think within the past 50 years or so, a student hung herself from her window and sometimes you can see her shadow swinging in one of the windows. I’ve never been sure which one the shadow is found in, but last year a friend of mine got one of the 4th floor/attic rooms and saw weird shadows outside the window. We’re pretty sure that is the room where this all happened.

Another place occasionally listed that is also very feared is The Hollow. It is a small valley between the two residence hills. Through the years it has been a fruit orchard, manmade river and is currently a small forest with a shallow creek. There re many rumors of murders taking place there as well as students going there to commit suicide. It’s beautiful during the day and many people use the walking path between the university and neighboring high school, but at night things get creepy. No one dares to go in at night except for Halloween events. Once on a dare, my boyfriend and I went in around midnight. We were bout 20 meters in when we heard this bone chilling screech/roar from somewhere in front of us. We turned and ran out. There was also a gloomy, crushing feeling to the place. From the 50s when the second residence hill was built until 2008, there was a path that lead down the west hill, around a small field then back up the east hill and was the only way to cross between hills. A bridge was built in 2008 and is a good 5 stories in the air at the highest point. In the dead center is a light that frequently flickers and burns out. There is also a cold spot there. One morning I saw maintenance workers replacing the light bulb, but that same night, the light was still flickering. None of the other lights on the bridge do that.

Also mentioned on some pages is Finney Hall. It is another residence hall where many people have claimed to see a heavier, blonde figure sitting on their beds or standing near the door while watching them sleep. I believe the room listed is 104, but I was spending the night with my friend in 103 and saw the girl too. My boyfriend also lived in 107 for a few months before transferring to a new, not haunted room. He told me that things would always be strewn about as well and he chalked it up to a bad roommate, but one weekend his roommate went home and the same thing kept happening. Room 104 however is mysteriously kept empty.

One place I have yet to see on other sites is Thomas Hall. I stayed in room 113 last year and believe it to be haunted. I always felt like I was being watched when in the room. Drawers often would open and close on their own or would sometimes stick shut as if someone was holding it closed. One morning as I was getting ready for class, my laptop started making a loud whirring like it does when it turns on. It then started playing music very loudly. I opened the screen and had the log in page up. I logged in and it brought me to my normal desktop. There were no programs open and therefore nothing to produce a sound. I went into task manager and there was nothing running in the background even. The music continued to play until I shut the computer. The light bulbs had to be changed at least 10 times this past year and each time they would flicker, even after being freshly replaced. Apart from the laptop incident, the weirdest thing that happened was one night when my roommate and I were asleep, something was making noise. Both of us had woken up from the sound and in the darkness, something was being thrown around. It stopped shortly after we noticed it, but the next morning it looked like someone had thrown her cereal around like confetti.


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