Submission: Egypt Road Parade of Terrors

4/23/10:  Michelle’s encounter is a grim reminder that the spooks don’t come out only at night.

I was reading your bit on the bridge on Egypt road and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. When I was 14, 3 friends and I went to the bridge on Egypt road.  We then made our way down the dirt path and came to a field. My friends dared me and another friend to walk through the creepy meadow, which I was more than willing to do until about 40 ft away I saw a large shadowy figure off in the clearing.  Iit was larger than a person and one of my other friends saw it, too.

We saw the dark man of the forest.  No doubt.  It was bright day light and he stood out like a sore thumb. When we saw the dark man of the forest a over whelming sence of fear came over us and we ran all the way back to the car. And ever since I’ve wanted to try and find this shadowy figure and find out what exactly it is.

10/5/2009:  The power of Egypt Road bridge is felt equally by unsuspecting visitors, as photo journalist Queen Macoomeh discovered during what was supposed to be an uneventful photo shoot:

It’s a creepy place in a beautiful setting. I knew nothing of its history when I went there. But even as I stepped off Egypt Road and walked towards the guardrail, I felt enveloped in strangeness, I felt suddenly cold on an otherwise comfortable day. And while there photographing the spot, I was skittish and unnerved. I didn’t stay long – usually you have to pry me away from a photo op.

I am not a ghost hunter nor do I visit creepy places. I’m just a photo/journalist. But I was not surprised to come across your site and the suggestions and legends surrounding the place.

3/31/2008:  Linda H. offers her own photo tour:

We went to visit Cry Baby Bridge on Egypt Road and almost got arrested for trespassing !!!!!! Needless to say, I mentioned finding the place on the internet and the cop let us go, lol………. Anyway, I have some other pictures that I managed to take of the bridge and weird trees beyond the bridge before the cop stopped us.  I got some pics around the area, also.

Tree growing through bridge

Writing on bridge

I think this is supposed to be the names of the kids who were killed or something.





Writing on the pavement

Weird, Dead Trees





The Muddy Field.









Up this hill is supposed to be where the cults were.  I’m not sure, we only went to the bottom of the hill.









5/5/2007: So what’s it like living on Egypt Road for 23+ years? Mini Manglah offers her views and enlightening explanations and shares some local legends:

Hello, I am a person that lives on Egypt Rd. Some of the stories I’ve heard people talk about are about as bogus as they are. If there is a rope hanging from the bridge someone put it there.

I’ve been living on Egypt Rd for 23 years and I’ve been down to Cry Baby Bridge 20 times or more. I haven’t been down there recently due to the fact police travel down there to make sure people are not exploring the bridge.

There are some true horrifying ghost stories about Egypt Rd. I can’t tell them very good because they were my friends telling them to me so you know how that goes. One is about a ghost car that will follow you at a specific time of night and only if there are 2 people in the car. These people were known to have died on what used to be “dead man’s curve.” Fairly recently Egypt Rd was changed and “dead man’s curve” is no longer there but I’m sure the ghost car would more than likely still be out there.

Another story is about a young man who died from burning to death, but I don’t know the whole story about that. I do know the young man who died burning to death is true, I just don’t know the details on where he died, why he died, and how people can see him. I do know he died in the 60s or 70s.  He used to go to Salem High School.

The reason the road is closed is because the hill that people see used to be TOO dangerous for people to drive down. I once knew someone that used to sled ride down that hill when they were little but they passed away. The person that told me this was 65 when I was 14. So probably about 60 years ago people used to sled ride down the hill. The road that it leads to is called East Pine Lake Rd. The hill is called Reed’s Hill because of the people who own all that land. I’ve walked from the road all the way to the top of that hill. The night I went down there nothing happened. There was a cat in the woods but that was it.

Yeah the bridge is extremely creepy and I know there are spirits down there. The one night that the baby supposedly cries on is Halloween. I’ve never been down there to see if the baby really cries but the cops also ride down there all night long around Halloween.

There is a creepy guy that lives across from the bridge now. If anyone says they’ve been down there they are probably lying, too many cops plus like I said, someone lives across from the bridge now. The guy has been down there since i was about 17 years of age and I’m 24 now.

Oh and about the cults, I’m not totally sure if that’s true but I do believe people were doing something down there because when I was 12 years old we saw a butchered dead animal. I’m not really sure what it was but it was gross and me and friends seen it from about 20 feet away during the day. Also there are dirt bike and 4-wheeler paths around there.

4/29/2006:  Michelle, another local resident, shares more juicy tidbits:

Hello, I am in my late thirties and have been a resident of Salem, Ohio, all my life.  I am very familiar with the location of Crybaby Bridge on Egypt Road, having been there literally hundreds of time, both during the day and at night.  I have taken several different dogs with me over the years and there was only one that would actually get out of the car.  However, she would not go down the road with me. 
Local legend has it that at the end of the road, past the field/strip mine, there is an abandoned house.  I have never been this far so I don’t know if it’s actually there.  When I was in high school (mid-80’s), it was said that if you drove down the road (there was no gate then) and through the field, an old man in a pickup truck would come at you, blasting a shotgun.  Supposedly, that road and bridge was the driveway to his farm. 
The gate went up in the late 80’s shortly around the same time as the cult activity.  People said the old man put the gate up because he was tired of people tromping through his land and snooping around. Some day I will make the hike to where the house is supposed to be and be assured, I will take my camera!!  I just want to make sure the old man is “gone” since I don’t want to get shot!! 
As far as the satanic or pagan cult is concerned, I vividly remember this when it happened in the spring of 1988.  Mutilated and burned bodies of small animals (birds, cats, dogs) had been found on what appeared to be a roughly constructed altar.  There were rumors flying about that the cult’s next sacrifice was to be a young, blonde haired, blue-eyed female virgin.  It was a huge uproar in this small Quaker town.  Local police issued warnings to keep a close eye on your children, especially pre-teens and teenagers.  The local newspaper ran a series of articles on how to combat Satanism.  This series was called “The Dark Side.”  I have always been fascinated with the paranormal so I cut these out of the newspaper.  I still have all the articles.  Reading about this has rekindled my interest in the cult happenings and I plan to make a trip to the library and go through all the old newspapers on file from that time span.  If that doesn’t work, I will go to the Salem News and get copies of the newspapers from that span. 
As far as the current satanic graffiti at the bridge, spooky, yes, but not too uncommon for this town.  Crybaby Bridge and Egypt Road are iconic to this area.  the legends get passed down from generation to generation.  When I was in high school, it was a major party place.  I think that has died off a lot now but even when my mom was in high school, it was party central.  The appeal is that it is out in the boonies and that it is reported to be haunted.  Frankly, I have never experienced anything more than getting the creeps when I was down there and I believe that I am extremely open to ghostly experiences.  I have lived in haunted houses and have had experiences then.
Love your website.  Keep up the good work!!

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  1. Me and my friends use to ride down on horses at night to reeds hill and wait for Parker’s , and scare the hell out of them , I’ve been from one end of the swamp to the other , day and night and I’ve never seen or heard anything down there , the farmer that was in the pick up would chase you off because people used his cattle as target practice , go figure , as for the dark man of the forest , my dad and his friends called it 3 toes and told us of a big foot like creature that followed the creek , we always looked for it , but never saw anything

  2. My freinds and I use to ride our horses down to reeds hill at nite and wait on Parker’s , and scare the hell out of them , I’ve been from one end of that swamp area to the other and never seen or heard anything , day or nite as for the man in the pick up , he would run people off because people used his cattle for target practice and lit his old barn on fire , as for the dark man of the forest my dad said they called it 3 toes , and it was like a big foot like creature that followed the creek in the spring and fall , kinda spooky , but I myself never saw anything like that , but it made for good talk on a foggy nite riding threw there to scare those people going parking

  3. Well I dont know of it being haunted , it is spooky at night , my friends and I use to ride there on our horses at night and wait on Parker’s in the mid 80s , so if you saw figures in the fog or got your roof bumped on while you were getting busy it was us , we scared the hell out of a lot of people . As for the man in the pick up , well he’s tired of people using his cattle for target practice , there is no house there at the bottom of the hill just the remains of an old barn . Now the dark man of the forest from what my dad told me was a big foot like creature they called three toes because of the foot prints it made . Never saw anything day or night but I’m sure if it was there in them swamps it could hide not only in the woods , but the countless number of open mine shafts in the area , really a neat peice of history and I can see where the story’s can come from ,

  4. Being a lifelong resident of Salem, I’m quite familiar with the Egypt Road / Pinelake Road / Reed’s Hill area (now known as “Crybaby Bridge”). As a kid, I went with my uncle in the late 70’s when he ran his trap line in the creek under the bridge. Nothing out of the ordinary was ever seen.

    In the mid eighties, plenty of time was spent parking down the dead end road, drinking with buddies, occasionally smoking a doob, and quite often tongue punching a twat box or two.

    Never on these many occasions was anything haunting, demonic or cult-like ever witnessed.

    In the late seventies the only thing this place was known for the the extremely dangerous sled riding on Reed’s Hill.

    “Crybaby Bridge” is the stuff of “Paranormal State”, “Ghost Hunters” and other fabricated entertainment of today’s youth.

  5. This place is really creepy. I have been there with my friends a few times at night but I have never gone past the bridge itself. I believe I saw a white mist or shadow come near our car while my friend turned off his lights and locked me out and started to laugh at me frantically trying to get back in his car. I might have just imagined this idk I was very scared at the time.
    A woman’s body was also found dumped on the bridge in 2011. Heres a link to the local news article on that incident

  6. Just a few years back there was a body found near the bridge or on it I can’t remember however the body was of an elderly woman and the body was all burned up. I too have been to the bridge too many times to count and have experienced nothing remotely scary. I just have not been there since the body has been found a few years ago…..

  7. In the Mid-70’s, a sled riding adventure led to a friend in our group getting his foot almost cut off!!! He was rushed to Salem Hospital and then sent to Youngstown where it was “re-attached”. That was the last time I was there and I am 54 years old now. The hill was a fun but very dangerous place to sled ride and it is a miracle none of us were killed! The place is extremely creepy and I would get an uneasy feeling when I went there but never experienced any paranormal activity. I would never go at night, the daytime was creepy enough. I would always wonder how a vehicle could EVER drive up or down that steep hill. It would be fun if a paranormal group could get permission to go in a do a ghost hunt. I would be interested to see what they captured on video.

  8. “A dead tree” everything dies. “Muddy field” it’s logic, rain and dirt makes mud. And one time I was taking a shit and my hair stood up. It’s fake there are no ghosts or what ever you say is there.

  9. When I was young back in the 80s, I used to walk the dirt paths in that area. I was trespassing, and I realize it now. My friends and I used to explore the area and never got caught. But we were decent kids and we only explored. The ponds are full of bass and pike. Now we live in a technological age and there are cameras everywhere, and different technologies than that time. It looked to me to be a high school party spot. You probably could get away with being a juvenile delinquent then. Not in this day and age. It’s a beautiful area. Country property like that is attractive. If you want to explore, ask for permission. The only thing creepy I saw back then was a dead dog in a tarp with wires around it’s paws and a few pentagrams.

  10. I am actually going to pose as one of the witches from that cult in those late 1900s, tonight there is a “Haunted” house sort of thing going on at the Smucker house here in Salem by the police station. I don’t know a whole lot about the coven and my research has turned up very little so if more information about them could be put into future submissions, that would be great. Especially a retyping of the articles.

  11. i have visited this place many times over the years. Its creppy at night. Took my son there for the first time and as we approached the bridge we heard insane spashing in the water below the bridge and it scared the hell out of us. It was a deer stuck in the water trying to get out and it was spooked by us. The look on my sons face was priceless!!! As a teen a carload of me and my friends went there on a rainy fall night… the driver stopped the car and turned it off and pretended that the van wouldnt start… as the wind blew a branch broke off a tree and hit the roof of the van… we all just about pissed our pants and we peeled out abd outta there. at the end of the road wa sa guy waiving us down bc his truck was broke down… we drove right past and sd “hell no!!”. Fun times!!!

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