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Orig. Published 10/30/03:  Haunted Athens College.  Yikes! Alexandra shares some creepy experiences from a safe distance out-of-state:

First of all, I’d really like to point out that reading these stories about haunted places at 2:30 am is not exactly the brightest thing in the world because now every little noise is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Great.

I’d also like to point out that I’m not actually a resident of Ohio, have never been a resident of Ohio and really don’t plan on becoming a resident of Ohio.  Sorry Ohio. Its just that I love Maryland and DC way too much 🙂

This is really coming from my cousin and what she told me when she was at Athens college a couple of years ago.  I know the story about Athens Ohio College being haunted, from Fox Family’s Scariest Places on Earth. I was watching it with a friend when they aired it and I immediately called my cousin Liz (after jumping around with Grace, saying “ohmigod” a bunch of times) to find out if it was true. 

Apparently, it was and she had never mentioned it because she didn’t want me to “freak out” in her words. I did anyway. I knew the whole jazz about the asylum and the patient and the girl who had committed suicide in her room from the show but I wanted to know if it was really real.

Liz told me, yeah, it was and she was on the floor above the haunted one (where the girl had killed herself). She also told me that yes, she had experienced very odd and unexplainable things while she was attending the college (she goes to a different now, and no, it wasn’t because of the ghosts).

Not only did I demand that she tell me everything, but I also talked to her a later date and got even more information out about what happened while she was there.

There were very strange noises that came all directions from outside her dorm room. She said that sometimes it sounded like marbles being dropped from a high place. Usually it happened below her room, but she couldn’t explain it, especially when she knew there was no one under her.

Another thing that was even stranger was that her alarm clock would go off for no reason whatsoever. Usually, it happened at wee hours of the morn and since her dormie was just as frustrated with the clock as she was, Liz didn’t think it was her playing a practical joke. So she began to unplug the clock at night.

Somehow, it didn’t stop it from ringing. Liz got so uncomfortable when she woke up to an alarm clock ringing that she knew was not connected to any kind of outlet that she threw it out the room and into the hallway where it promptly stopped.

Aside from that, her roommate said that she occasionally would hear a chilling sort of laughter whenever she walked down the hallway by herself.

The rest is basically your average bumps in the night; sometimes she would be up, cramming for a test the next day and hear all kinds of noisy movements. A few times she heard what she described as “fingernails on metal”, coming from downstairs. There was also the usual lights sometimes flickering off and on. I’m assuming that some of this was also happening to her fellow students on any level of the college, but then again, she didn’t say if she had talked to anyone about it.

She also told me that she and a few of her friends tried to go up to the asylum one night. They didn’t report anything out of the ordinary on their trip up the hill (besides it being very spooky) and what was even more disappointing (though I’m not too sure who was more disappointed- me or her) was that the gates were locked and they couldn’t seem to find any way into the building. I doubt they tried very hard.  Not like I would either, I’m just saying…

But that’s my-her story. My other cousin- Liz’s little sister- is now attending Athens so I’ll have to grill her on any paranormal activity as well. And when I do, I’ll definitely do a follow up email 🙂

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