Seven Barns

(Orig. Published 3/2002)

Within the Cuyahoga Valley area, there were once seven barns owned by a rich farmer who had seven children.  The farmer went mad and butchered his family and livestock.  He buried his wife and children in six of the barns. 
He then hung himself from the rafters of the seventh barn.  
Only one barn remains standing–the rest were destroyed.  It is believed that the remaining barn is the one within which the farmer killed himself.  Some claim that his ghost appears as a dark shadow, lurking at the site of the seventh barn.  Others report strange noises and lights coming from the barn’s interior.
. . . Or so the legend goes. This is one of oldest–and vaguest–haunted tales in the area.  As such, details vary.  Moreover, so many abandoned farmhouses and barns exist in the Valley, making  it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the “Seventh Barn.”  Some believe that the seventh barn is located at the Top ‘O The World.  It may also be located on Bath Road. 

Also, the details vary as to the circumstances surrounding the tragic events.  Some simply state that a farmer went “mad” and killed himself.  Others suggest that his family died under natural circumstances and that he committed suicide out of depression over their deaths.  Of course, research of numerous property owners of both the Bath Road barn and the Top ‘O The World location revealed no such massacre or suicide.

Interestingly, an exact version of the story as told in the beginning is repeatedly posted among various other websites, but it does not give a location.  Personal experience and discussions with other local residents and their parents all suggest that this story is associated with the Cuyahoga Valley area. But what these stories do have in common is the appearance of a “shadowy apparition,” which, interestingly, is associated with other paranormal experiences at Top ‘O The World.

10/1/05:  Josh’s chilling exploration of one of the barns would make even a skeptic wet his pants:

I was looking around you website and came across your Seven Barns legend. Not sure if you are interested in investing any further into that, considering there are probably tons of ‘Seven Barns’ cases, but I thought I would share with you a Seven Barns legend we have here in a suburb of Akron.

Our ‘Seven Barns’ story is pretty much the same as all the others. A man goes ‘mad’ and kills his family in the sixth barns, and then hangs himself in the seventh. A lot of people that have went to this barn have reported seeing a mysterious blue light coming from inside of the barn, yet you can tell by looking at it…the barn is not occupied.

As teenagers, of course my friends and I had to see this ourselves. The barn is located on Congresslake Road, off of 224. When you turn onto Congresslake Road, you will drive for a little while down it…and eventually past some corn field you will be able to see the house (on the right side) that owns the barn. It is pretty far out into the distance, and the barn is actually pretty far from the house. As you keep trying, you will see the barn, it is located right on the side of the road. You cant miss it…to you know your at the right place, you will see ahead of you a left hand curve. As you travel down Congresslake Road you might be able to pass some mysterious “red stains” on the road. No one really knows what it is, but the myth is, that its blood. But it could just be roadkill or something…

So, one night we decided to check out this barn, and see what the fuss was all about. We even brought a video camera, and a digital camera, and of course we waiting until 11:00 PM on a summer night to do it. As we drive down the road, I am in the passenger seat, so the barn comes up on my side of the car. We stop for just a moment, and I take a couple pictures as fast as I can, without paying attention to how they came out. Meanwhile, my friend in the back seat, took her video camera and just set it out of my window filming whatever she could get. We turned around at the curve ahead, and decided to go back. When we got back we took a look at our pictures, and we had noticed an “orb” in 3/5 pictures we took. We were all amazed because we had never seen an “orb” before. (Note: there is no light on this road, and nothing was shining on the barn, so the “orb” to us, seems legitimate). Then we took a look at the video we recorded. It was actually too dark to see anything, and my friend does not have a light on her camera so all we could see was a dark screen. But towards the last few seconds, you see the flash from my digital camera (taking a picture)….and then darkness again….but all a sudden this greenish/white thing flie past the video camera at a really odd position and speed. It was defiantly not a bug…it was shaped very oddly and to this day, we still have no idea what it was.

This scared us all, but at the same time made us want to try this again. So the next night we decided to makes things even riskier, and we had 2 of our friends go inside the barn with a video camera and see what they could get. The problem was, every time the they stepped into the barn, the camera would die….on a fully charged battery. It was really weird. But none the less, they went inside anyway with a flashlight, and started to explore. While we were in the car, we drove around the streets waiting for them, because there really is nowhere to exactly stop on the road, and the barn might lie on private property. Anyway, when we went back to the barn to pick them up….they were actually running away from it and were in the middle of the street. We picked them up and asked them what happened and why they were running.

There story goes as follows:

They walked into the barn, and noticed a staircase leading up to a door. While they were walking around, they heard something that sounded close to footsteps on the top floor of the barn. They didnt think much of it, because its likely that it was just rats or something. So they decided to walk up to the door and see if they could open it and such. They start walking up the steps and as they get closer, all the sudden something falls out of the top floor, swinging towards them, and then all the sudden just fell to the ground without making any sound. They said it happened so fast they really couldnt even see what it looked like, but they knew it wasn’t a rat or any animal because the way that it fell. It just dropped straight down without a sound, they tried to shine the flashlight on it, but when they did, it was mysteriously gone.

One of the two kids that went in there is very very skeptical of ghosts and hauntings and doesn’t really believe much in them. But this changed him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that scared before, and he was really worked up about it.

Not sure if you’ve already heard of this barn before or not, but again it is located on Congresslake Road, off of 224, near Springfield, Ohio.

Hope that any this information helps or leads you into your own investigation…

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  1. how are you
    to do an investigation there.Who do we contact to set things up to do so.can you plz contact me back to let me know.

  2. Update on the “Top of the Hill” farm house.: In 2007, married police officer Bobbie Cutts killed his girlfriend and burned her body and unborn child in the field near the barn.

  3. I have a paranormal group and we would love to investigate some of these barns and sites. Could you give me some information on who to contact in order to set up an investigation?

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