Submission: Woolyburger Cemetery (multiple)

5/2/05: Dim the lights real low to get the full horrific effect of Kari’s Top Ten List of All Things Evil at Woolyburger Cemetery.

Hello, I have also visited the cemetery, which is also known as the Little Pennsylvania Cemetery. Wooly Burger is a name it gained over time due to the rumors of a large Big Foot-like creature living back there. I have never experienced a Big Foot encounter but I have definitely experienced many different things back there such as…

* Weird noises. Yes I have heard them and my friends have heard them pretty clearly.

* The feeling something is chasing you (when I felt like something was chasing us, I saw a shadow that covered the whole hill the cemetery sits on racing down the hill towards us! At that point, I was running)

* I have seen an actual ghost out there. He was standing right next to a gravestone by a tall tree. He was wearing a white flowing shirt that looked like it would have been popular in the 1800’s, he had dark-colored hair to his ears, and he was wearing black pants.I couldn’t make out his feet, but he stared right in to my eyes. I will never forget him ever. The funny thing about him is that he seems to be the graveyard in a way because I have discussed this particular ghost with more than one friend that has seen him in the same exact stop as me at different times.

* I have seen a small girl skipping down the path to the cemetery in a white dress.

* My friend was on his way home one night around 3 am (he had not been drinking and was perfectly fine except maybe a little tired). On his way down the 665 after you pass the graveyard on your right, there are two posts where a driveway used to be.Well, he claims that he saw a little girl standing by those posts.He slowed down and stopped and asked her if she needed any help and if she was alright. When she turned around she had no face. He was freaked out beyond freaked out, that was his first encounter with something of the paranormal world.

* I have been there more than one time and almost every time, I have felt something wanting me to stay. The feeling is like something sucking the energy out of me. By the time I reach the exit of the graveyard, I am dead tired and really hungry. * I know a lady that has lived in Darby Dale her whole life, and she has told me that one night all the cats went missing. In the morning, they were inside out hanging from the trees that line the path leading to the graveyard. She has also confirmed that two men and a little girl died in the cemetery.

* I have also found out that two men kidnapped a little girl and took her out there, raped her and then drowned her in the pond. They then killed themselves by the next morning. This was also in the newspapers. It happened I believe in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

*There is supposed to be house out there, but I have yet to find it.

* My friend Anthony and two of his friends, Tony and Greg, took a video camera out there and were walking on the path to the right of the grave yard before the entrance. Anthony and Greg were walking and when they turned around, Tony was walking with his back to them. Tony was really freaked out. Anthony told him to suck it up and just keep walking. When Anthony turned to face the path again, the camera lights flickered. Then they saw a small girl in white dress crawling towards them. Greg kept the video running for about three minutes.Then the lights flickered again. By then, the girl had turned to crawl off the trail. Then, all three guys turned around and ran back to the cars and took off to the school in Darby Dale, parked and watched the tape.When the tape got to the point where they had seen her it cut out and was fuzzy then when it came back on, they caught a glimpse of her
crawling off the trail! They still have the tape.

The funny thing about Woolyburger is that during the day, it is a really pretty peaceful cemetery. But at night…well, it’s another story. It really makes me mad when people say that I went out there with all my equipment and I got nothing or there are no signs of a cult having anything to do with the graveyard. It just makes me mad because they are so unaware.

1/22/05: Big hairy monsters, strange lights, and blood-curdling sounds are just some of the things Nicky experienced while exploring the haunted Woolyburger Cemetery in Darbydale:

I heard of this place called Woolyburger. It’s a cemetery off route 665 in Darbydale, Ohio. This is a scary cemetery, and the scariest place I have ever been too. The story is that there is a monster that is hairy called the Woolyburger. I haven’t seen it. I doubt it too, but there are ghosts.

There are a lot of woods and trails here. Myself and others heard screams and all kinds of weird noises while walking along the trails and in the cemetery. We also saw red lights. Once, we were even chased by something. The locals say that a family named Woolyburger once lived out in the woods a long time ago. A lot of teens hang out there and cults, too. I have seen fires with people chanting wearing black robes. When they left, I checked the area out and there were containers with animal parts in it.

Something is out there and it always watches.

About this picture, Nicky writes:

I took this at the entrance to the cemetery. My boyfriend was standing with a flashlight in his hand. If you look to the right of him and up a little bit you will see a face and an outline of an ear. It looks like Freddy Kreuger showing his teeth.

The light streak in the picture may have been overexposure caused by an incorrect shutter speed. As for the face, it may simply be a lens flare caused by the flash of the camera hitting a reflective surface. Still, it is an interesting picture, and that face is creepy!

4/21/2009: Brandie’s mother passes on the ghostly oral tradition:

I have a weird story about Woolyburger cemetery.  I was looking up Haunted places in southern Ohio.  My mother happened to notice and she told me about Woolyburger cemetery and the things that her and my cousin and uncle noticed when there.

They came to the pond and thought about skinny dipping when they all saw a weird ripple in the pond.  After days of trying to figure out, they concluded it was possibly a turtle.  

While she was telling me about that story, I was scrolling down your story page when I stopped and the story about the little girl that was raped and drowned in the same pond. It gave my mother and I chills so bad that she had to call my uncle and cousin to tell them about it.

Just to throw in another weird story, my mother and cousins were sitting at the entrance when they heard a strange, indescribable sound. My cousin saw that everyone was shaken and stated “Wouldn’t it be weird if the car wouldn’t start?”  My mother decided to check and it didn’t start until about 15 minutes later. It was a new car and she never had a problem with it starting before or until many years later.

7/3/2009: Matt and his friends go looking for a good scare at Woolyburger.  They are not disappointed.

Just last night (july 2nd, 2009 around 11pm) 4 people and I went out to Woolyburger for a good scare. I shared all the stories of what people saw back there and the legends so that if anyone did see anything like that, they could point it out.

I’ve never really been a believer, we went more just to scare ourselves with the stories. We figured we would go back there, be spooked out and end up leaving saying it was a waste of time, but we were wrong.

As we walked down the drive with our flashlights, we were looking everywhere making sure we didn’t see any figures anywhere. Once we got the the wooden fence, we shined the light all over the graveyard making sure once again that no one was there. There was nothing in sight, so i asked them if they wanted to see the Boucher family tombstones. The girls didn’t want to, but the guys did.  So, ight as we were about to head over to them, we shined our light in that direction. 

In a split second later, we heard a piercing SNARL/SCREAM–like a demon or something satanic, possibly even a person trying to make the nastiest most horrific snarl i have ever head. And it was sooooooo loud ,like it was screamed right into our face. As soon as it hissed every single person ran for their life..LITERALLY.

I can not explain how scary it was.  All we could say was its real, the stories are actually real. And i swear on my own life that it was real and i can still hear the snarl in my head and it makes me cry.

When I was running, in my head all I remember seeing/hearing besides the snarl was a figure dressed in black crouching by the grave where we heard the scream. Its face was an orange/pale color and pig-like, but it had a cloak. I figured it was just my brain playing tricks on me since i saw it so fast, but Kyle and Lizzie described the exact same thing before i told them about it as we sped off in our car.

I can not explain what made that noise, but i know it was not an animal 100% for a fact. Whether it was an occult member that we startled or someone playing a trick, I don’t know. But there were no cars outside the cemetery, and we sat in front of it in the car for about 15 minutes before going in, and we never saw any lights or candles back there.

So whoever/whatever it was, it was waiting back there in the dark.

20 thoughts on “Submission: Woolyburger Cemetery (multiple)

  1. ooooooooo woolyburger, well first off i have almost a love for this place only because i have spent allot of time there with friends whenever we didnt have something to do at night. i have heard so many different stories about the place and almost everyone i havent found to be true yet but thats beside the point. starting with the cults…… yes yes yes 100 times yes cults and kkk meetings take place there usually in the fields that you can get to by taking the path off to the right, just before the fence leading into the cemetery. weird and unexplained noises, red floating lights, figures (rarely), little girl seen running the paths ( once), and ALWAYS a really intense feeling of being watched are just a few things that i have personally experienced in the cemetery or around it. but i would never call it haunted my reason being that i have never felt threatened in a supernatural way, there is no doubt in my mind that there is spirits that dwell there but i have been chased by cult members and i truly believe that the only thing to be scared of there is the cult activity that takes place there.

    some helpful tips if you plan on going 🙂
    always always always park down the road from the cemetery at least past the bridge. (cops are dicks)
    when you get there dont be so eager to go straight in i always wait for at least fifteen twenty min to be sure there isnt any obvious signs of cult and or kkk activity taking place, ( sometimes you still run into the lunatics though)
    be respectful of the cemetery
    dont be to loud not only do the people that take care of the cemetery live close and you never know who else is there ( <- – cult shit again)
    take tons of pictures and video 🙂

    o well thats all i have 🙂 HAVE FUN!!!

  2. Your right Micheal I used to be in the occult they made me do indescribable things to animals and even more so what they did to them selves one guy they made him cut his own heart out then they took his body tired cement blocks to his arms and feet and torso from what I know he it’s still in the lake and the heart lies under the grave stone with four sides I will never join an occult again when they did that I immediately left I was scared of what would happen to me cause they said I was next so if you come with me to the cemetery I will show you the grave Michael but I will never go back there at night I told authorities but they diss not

  3. ^^ Crazy shit . I live by this cemetery . I go up there a lot with my brother . everytime we go , we hear screams . one time we even heard a piano . How tf would theyre be a random pianoist in the woods at 1 am !

    • I want to visit this cemetery in the daytime. Is it illegal to visit because the sign said it’s only open to hunters. If I did want to go at night what would I have to do to make sure no one complained.

  4. My sister her fiancé, and three of my friends just went there tonight. We heard things, saw a 7 foot man walking through the trees. And I have a picture of someone sitting on a grave stone and a picture taken after where there is nothing. My sister’s fiancé was punched in the back and 5 minutes later shoved to the ground. We got caught by some cops who were really nice to us but told us there are occults who do rituals there. There was a hunter with a cross bow passing through the grave yard, he ran into people in black cloaks as one of the woman opened her arms taunting the man asking him to “come to me” as he held his cross bow targeting her he ran off and called the cops terrified at one of the houses down the streets. I’m not sure whether to go back but it was definitely an experience.

  5. me and my friends are planning to go on Halloween, not sure if we are going to go now sense of the stories I have been hearing about it. my friends mom went a few years ago and she said she was chased down the part where you first walk in by a huge bright light. she also said she would never go there again. Im wondering if there are still people doing witch craft back there to this day. do people still do that kind of stuff?

  6. I am working on a project for one of my classes. I need some witness accounts. If anyone would be interested in or willing to help me out i would truly appreciate it. Just reply to this.


  7. Years ago in college, I had to do some report/paper I chose to do something on trees in Ohio. My older brother thought it would be a good idea to go to the area to collect the different types of leaves (there are many types of trees there) Even in the day this place just has something about it. I had that feeling of being watched. I bent down to pick up a leaf, and I swear I had -what felt like- small pebbles thrown at me (or dirt or sand like)….I can’t explain. It hit my arms, hair, legs. I told myself I was just freaking myself out, so I tried to ignore it. It happened 2 more times, in different areas. I never thought too much about until I found another website about the area, and some of the complaints were about small like pebbles being thrown.

  8. just sayin that is not all that creepy it is but isnt there is another grave i dont think anyone knos about not far from woolyburger it further in the woods and on the side of a hill thats creepy no entrance to this place at all

  9. My great grandfather’s brother was Willie Boucher who died as a kid. My great grandfather was Charles Boucher and his parents George Boucher and Sarah May. They moved to Kansas in the 1870’s. I would love to hear more info if someone has it.

  10. Upon visiting this cemetery this past weekend, my group and I encountered many strange things. We even got some pictures of what we believe to be ghosts. We were working with the Central Ohio Paranormal Association and uncovered some evidence that may prove that Wooleyburger is in fact haunted. Perhaps you just have to know the right buttons to push on the ghosts. There is a believed place within Wooleyburger nicknamed as “The Witches Tomb” and upon summoning her, I was scratched deeply on my back, and later we found the same symbol on my back, on a tree where the Kults were believed to have practiced. Although, many stories of Wooleyburger are made up, there is one known for sure that we can classify. Before visiting Wooleyburger, My friends and I did some research about the place. We watched Youtube videos and read articles, just like yours. We wanted to know what we were getting ourselves into. A video from 2006 stated as they walked out of the cemetery “Oh no, it’s the red truck again!” And again, in another video from 2013, it happened multiple times. The truck has been known to haunt the area. Upon visiting Wooleyburger 2 nights in a row, we encountered the same red truck speeding down the road past Wooleyburger, at least 7 times within the first 3 hours. We’d like to know if there are any legends on the truck because it had apperead in 2 different videos, not including our experience.

    • No I don’t believe so. Every time my friends and I see it the driver always honks their horn. Possibly an attempt to wake the owner who’s house is next to the cemetery. He’s been known to let his dogs loose or go out himself with a shotgun to scare people away. Or so I’ve heard.

  11. Nearly fifty years ago, 1968 to be exact, I had just returned home from the Army. Right away my buddies and our girlfriends were out looking for crazy things to do again, mostly at night. We were still just a little too young for bars. I had just bought a 1964 Corvair and one night while six of us were somehow crammed into it, we decided to go to up to this cemetery. Best I remember, it was close to 1:00am when I entered the one lane road going up to the top where we would park and get out, then walk into the cemetery. We had no intentions of damaging anything, we only wanted the thrill of spooking the crap out of each other. I remember it was pitch black going up that single lane dirt road and indeed, it was creepy. I was two thirds up the lane when all of a sudden, very bright headlights were turned on and pointed at me from the top of the hill. At that very instant, someone on the drivers side of that vehicle fired a gun. I could see the muzzle flash and by the sound of it, it had to be a .45 cal. handgun. I heard someone say “Stop!” “I am the Mayor of Darbydale!” At that moment, I didn’t care if he was Jesus Christ, I was getting out of there! I told everyone to get down (they already were), and I somehow managed to back down that very narrow hill at a high rate of speed in pitch black conditions. I headed for the bridge crossing the Darby and start up an incline on the other side when I saw at a distance, a car heading our way and fast. Less than a mile from the other side of the bridge on the right hand side, there were a row of brick homes. I turned off my lights and pulled into the first driveway I came to and told everyone to get down quickly! The car that was after us sped by and I got a clear look at it, it was the Highway Patrol! No sooner than it sped by, I accidently touched the break peddle as I was trying to stay low in little car. The patrolman say the lights, backed up and pulled into the drive. He made us follow him back to the cemetery and back up that hill. The man who shot at us was John Kell, who was indeed, the Mayor Of Darbydale. He told the officer that I was there the weekend before and we were knocking over grave stones. I denied it of course, then the Mayor said that he recognized not only me but my car too. I pulled out paperwork showing that I had bought the car only two days ago, and was still in the Army on the weekend he was claiming I was there. The Mayor also mentioned that he had not fired a warning shot, he was aiming for the driver. Decades later whenever I go up to Ohio to visit my lifelong friends, we still talk about that night. We never speak of seeing ghosts or sprits, but we are all still amazed at how I was able to back down that lane as fast as I did without going off either side…or getting shot at again. Maybe there was a very friendly sprit in there who was looking out for us that night…who knows.

  12. Two years ago my boyfriend, aunt, and her boyfriend and few of her boyfriend’s friends came along with us and we all decided to go to wollybergers. When we arrived there was 4 other people who walked out, we asked if they saw anything they said “just a couple flashlights turning on and off.” We walked passed them and passed the graves down to this trail that lead out to the lake I’m guessing, we stayed down there for awhile and saw some people fishing, nothing weird or scary. We got bored and started walking up into the grave yard and sat down in the grass, and when we were just talking and sitting around we all heard something in the woods and when we looked by the edge of the trail there was a little girl standing behind the tree, you couldn’t really make out her face but the body was plain as day. My aunt’s boyfriend’s friend started to walk up to her but she just casually walked back down the trail, after that we were a little freaked out and decided it’d be best to start walking back. We got lost for a second but not for long, we started hearing coyotes and I felt a burning down my back, just figuring I was just thinking to much, I ignored it. We were by the entrance when the burning just got worse and started to freak out a bit, I asked my aunt if she saw something on my back, she said there were a few scratch makes, probably from a tree I fell into, I just agreed and thought nothing of it until when we were almost out and I felt it again but around my belly. By time we got to the car I was covered it scratches and some starting to lightly bleed. My boyfriend freaked out and made my mom look at them, they would turn me around ever 5 min to see how bad they were. A couple times my mom would turn me around and see a new scratch, I still have picture from that day, it was scary but eventually went away. I plan to be going back here in a few days or so.

  13. Does anyone have a link to a site that may prove that the murder actually took place? I’m finding it almost impossible to find a article on the subject. It would be easier if I at least had a name or specific date to search. I’m a local and have frequented the cemetery often… A few friends of mine have seen a young woman at night. The stories we occasionally hear are that she was a teenager at the time of death but no one seems to know her name or the names of her assailants. And the dates when it supposedly happened range from the early 1960s to the 1980s. If anyone has any information to aid in my search it would be greatly appreciated.

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