Submission: Warlock’s Grave, New Philly (multiple)

10/20/2012:  A horse’s sixth sense protects its rider from a potentially grim encounter:

Warlock’s Grave is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, somewhere off of route 39 and, yeah, it’s haunted. There used to be a headstone tablet at the grave that said that the warlock was decapitated, his hands and feet were cut off, and the rest of his body was burned.  Nothing grows around the grave, it’s all brown. Also, down the hill are supposed to be additional spots where witches are buried.

I have seen things there myself as a teenager as I was out riding my horse.  My horse  refused to go near the grave.  He would actually foam at the mouth and break into a sweat, wanting to run.  I have not been there since 1982.  That place scared me.

Make sure you check out the abandoned house on the same side of the road a few hundred yards from the grave.  I’m not sure if there is a connection, but I’ve seen things there.  I’m not even sure if it still stands.

11/30/04: Darcy shares information, as well as some photographs, on the headless warlock’s grave in Tuscarawas County:

In Tuscarawas county, just outside of New Philadelphia, there is a crazy creepy little cemetery on a hill, at the intersection of Ridge Road and University Drive (University Drive passes the Kent State Tusc campus and Buckeye Career Center, the local vocational school). I have no clue what the actual name of the cemetery is, but everyone calls it the Warlock’s Grave.

There is a strange formation of black rectangular stones in a rectangle shape, with one larger stone at one end.  The legend is that the warlock (who as far as I know is nameless) is buried beneath the rectangle, and his head is encased within the largest stone. Supposedly if the head and body are reunited, he will come back to life. A cheesy, vague story, but everyone gets scared up there at night nonetheless.

One night back when I was 16 or so, I went up there with a couple friends. We brought a camera and were taking pictures in the car. As soon as we entered the fence, the camera wouldn’t work. At the time it seemed like the warlock was warning us something, although now I tend to think that my friend just panicked and couldn’t find the right buttons. Besides the Warlock’s Grave, there are quite a few old tombstones.

Here are the photos taken by Darcy of the cemetery and warlock’s grave:

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  1. My family used to live close by, within viewing distance, and people were there all the time. His wife and daughter had headstones as well, but people broke them and completely desecrated the grave sites. It’s sad to see people destroy it. We’ve never seen any ghosts there, but quite a number of scared teens. The place does have a strange feel to it, though.

  2. This is just a legend, there is not warlock, this is just the gave of some guy with a German sounding name who died in that area. no decapitation or anything like that. But I bet he’s not too happy that everyone has desecrated his grave all these years.

  3. Visited this cemetery one fall night in 2012 and just was clicking pictures, as I always do hoping to catch orbs. My partners were standing near the famous warlock grave and I clicked a pic and in it captured a HUGE swath of light sweeping into my lens. I was astonished at what I had captured. Upon blowing up the pic at home on the computer you could see MULTIPLE orbs in synchronicity. Quite interesting!

  4. For God’s sake. The grave belongs to Ransom Newton, born 1809 in Greene, NY and died 1875. He had 2 wives and 13 children, and was a staunch church-going man. He donated the land for the Rehobeth Church, which is long gone, but the graveyard is on the property. He was never accused of being a warlock, was not hanged, and was not decapitated. You can see his photo on if you want. He just died a happy old man. You people are silly.

  5. Thank you Val!!! LOL! People take certain parts of stories and run with them! It’s all an urban legend. I have lived in Tusc county my whole life and have been there several times! I am an experienced paranormal investigator and also a sensitive (psychic), the area does have some paranormal activity now not because of the non-existent “warlock” but because of the “kids” that have gone up there and vandalized the “private” cemetery, had séances and used a Ouija board up there!!! It seems that a lot of people just have no respect for anything! This is a private cemetery and no warlock or witches are buried in there and even if it were true (which it isn’t) they deserve to be left in peace, the people buried in there deserve to be left in peace! Like I said before the activity that does go on up there is not because of the people buried there it’s because of the “live” people that have gone there and caused problems! If u don’t know what your doing and don’t have any respect for the dead then stay home!!

    • hey people do what the man says. be respectful to the unliving. if someone ever tried to destore my familys grave we would have s big a#s problem.

  6. I want to make a few things clear from my last post. I am all for investigating haunted sites but with respect! It just angers me when people go and show no respect like using Ouija and doing séance’s and then make outrageous claims when their the ones who probably brought “things” there! I am not trying to be mean in saying these things, these type of places deserve respect because we are going onto their turf. Thanks

  7. hey people do what the man says. be respectful to the unliving. if someone ever tried to destore my familys grave we would have s big a#s problem.

  8. This makes more sense now, thanks to Van’s contribution. There is a more established legend concerning a “Ransom Newton” who was accused of witchcraft in PA (or possibly NY) and some idiot probably found this guy’s grave and thought it was the source of the legend. I went there as a teen with a group of friends one October evening (2 hour drive). It was weird, creepy, and we saw a blurry image of a woman which we later discovered was hovering over the area where his wife was buried. Still creeps me out to this day.

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