Submission: St. Timothy Episcopal Church

Orig. Published 12/10/02:  Hmmm.  A haunted church in Massillon.  Here’s the scoop, and some questions, as submitted by OhioLady:

 I live in Massillon Ohio. I absolutely love the paranormal. I read all of the Haunted Ohio books. But there was one story that caught my eye. St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church on the corner of Oak and 3rd.

This church is right down the street from where I live. I read that there was a little girl that was executed in the church and they say that you can see her walking around in the bell tower. I am not sure if I believe in ghosts or its just the fact that I am terrified of coming in contact with one. If I knew that the spirit was not there to harm me, then I would be more comfortable. Anyway, I have been wondering if this story is true. I would like to go there but I am afraid that the child’s spirit will be rebellious because she was harmed in such a holy place.

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