Submission: Simms Cemetery

Orig. Published 9/23/03:  Simms cemetery.  The infamous pentagram.  A haunted campus.  Ryan shares his experiences and stories on what is arguably the most haunted place in Ohio…Athens.

Though I currently live in Virginia I used too live in Athens Ohio. I’m 23 now, but for the first 13 years of my life I was born and raised in that town.  As a kid we all heard rumors (not sure if they’re true) about places in Athens that are considered to be some of the most haunted places in the world.

We have five major cemeteries there that form a pentagram if you trace them on a map (no joke, its true) This draws a good-sized Goth group here every Halloween. Almost everyone I have met there has a strange story to tell. There’s an abandoned mental hospital, a haunted college with the center of the pentagram being on the college green.

I used too hang out in cemeteries alot when I was a kid (yea I was a weird kid) and I have had strange feelings but really only one incident of ghost-related happenings. One day on our way down the highway from Columbus we decided to get home just using back roads. It was fun passing through small towns we never heard of and it took us two hours to make the normal 1 hour trip home.

But, as we were coming back through the Peach Ridge area of Athens, we came upon Simms cemetery.   Well, any local in Athens knows about Simms cemetery and how they used to hang people on the tree there.  Old man Simms supposedly haunts the place at night. We had never been there, but my cousin was familiar with the area.  The Peach Ridge is surrounded on all sides by trees. On that day, it was hot (about 90 degrees) and we parked at the top of a hill that my cousin said was next to the cemetery. We walked down the hill and went through tress to get there.  About five minutes later we were walking down the hill.  As we were walking along, we noticed a chill that we didn’t feel at first. 

In taking just a step or two toward the cemetery, it felt that the temperature dropped from about 90 degrees to about 60 degrees.  The further down the hill we walked, the colder it got. After ten minutes, almost shivering, we still hadn’t found a break in the trees. Having spent so much time driving, we figured we should go home before anyone worried about us (this was before cell phones were commonplace) and gave up the search. But I vowed that one day I would return and make it to the cemetery to complete what we started on that day.

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