Submission: Cleveland Riverside Cemetery Chapel Ghost Photo?

11/14/2010: Dan goes on a ghost photo safari hunt at Riverside Cemetery and captured more than what he bargained for:

I took an odd photo at the Riverside Chapel in Cleveland a couple years ago. My wife and I were exploring the cemeteries in the Cleavland area hoping to get some photos with orbs or fog or something to that effect. Little luck all day long, until we we’re about to leave riverside cemetery and head home.

I tried to enter the chapel and have a look around, but the door was locked for the evening so 90% of me believing I’d get nothing, I put the lens of my camera up to the keyhole and snapped an image. My wife was already waiting in the car for me. I was walking to the car as i reviewed the photo. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I picked up the pace to get to the car.

It appears to me there is a shadowy face on the back wall of the chapel when I zoom in on the keyhole portion of the image.

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