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Orig. Published 2/24/03:  Here’s a particularly chilling submission by Russell, who has also offered two pictures he took of Riverside Cemetery’s chapel this past summer (see below).   

I lived around Riverside Cemetery when I was a kid and used to play there before they built I-71.  My brother and I have always witnessed strange sounds/sights there when we were younger.  We have since moved away to Lorain county, but both my parents and my two brothers are buried there and I visit a few times a year.

One snowy Saturday a few years back, I was in my car ready to leave from visiting the gravesites when a young girl, 7-10 years old, in pigtails carrying books on a strap, walked past my car dressed in summer apparel.  When I started my car to leave a few seconds later,   I looked around and she was gone.  In those few seconds she couldn’t have gotten gotten more then 50 feet away and it was all flat land where I was at.

My brother, when he was in his teens, used to cut through the cemetery on his way home.  One night while going through, he started hearing screams/ shouts that were almost on a deafening level.  I have seen weird snow footprints there over the years. 

This last summer, I bought my grandson a new camcorder that has the snapshot memories card. I took some pictures on a visit there last summer.  Here is a picture that I took at the Riverside Cemetery Chapel. 

Tell me what you think?

Webmistress Note:  Below is an “enhanced” close up of Russell’s photo:


Another Webmistress Note: 

The cemetery’s chapel has a receiving vault in the basement, where coffins were stored temporarily before being moved to the permanent resting place.  According to Vicki Blum Vigil, author of  Cleveland Cemeteries, one particularly strange story about the chapel involves a funeral director whose young son died in the 1930’s.  The father was so overcome with grief that he could not bring himself to bury his son.  He regularly visited the basement, sitting by his son’s coffin and reading books out loud to him.  This went on for about 10 months, until he finally agreed to bury his son.

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    • My grandparents and my aunt are buried at Riverside. I have heard and read about these stories. I don’t find it to be creepy at all. But my daughter did! She wouldn’t even go into the office with me when we pulled through the gates of the cemetery!!

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