Submission: Milan Cemetery

Orig. Published 6/13/02: Some creepy stories submitted by Red & Joe:

There is a mausoleum at the corner of the cemetery by the road [nearest the tennis courts].  It sticks out, so you cannot miss it.  As a kid, I was told by many people that the mausoleum was haunted.  The mausoleum has a big, glass door.  If you look inside the glass door, there is a chair chained to the wall.  The chair was supposed to be for mourners to come and visit.  One time, a child [90% of the time, the child is a boy] went inside the mausoleum.  For some reason, he got stuck to the chair inside.  He couldn’t get out and remained stuck inside and eventually died.  In another version of this story, the boy was handicapped (either physically or mentally), and because of this, he was locked inside and later died there.  Stories vary as to whether he was locked in by his caretakers because they wanted to abandon him and/or they were no longer able to care for him.

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