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4/2/09:  Dirt Lawyer waxes nostalgic as he fondly recalls Melon Head campfire tales and spooks.  Other story tellers may have their killer with a hook for a hand.  In NE Ohio, we have our Melon Heads.

In the 1960’s and early 1970’s our camp counselors at Red Raider Camp in Novelty/Russell Township on the western edge of Geauga County would horrify us with campfire tales of the Melon Heads when we’d camp on land owned by the Metallurgy Society. (By the geodetic dome on Rt 87 about 2 or 3 miles east of 306.) 

Their stories usually had the Melon Heads trawling for victims in an old woodie station wagon.  Their principal form of attack was to sneak up on sleeping campers, tie open their tent flaps, and then eviscerate them.  They’d claim this had been going on for years. 

The next morning one or more of the pup tent flaps were inevitably tied back.  The counselors would mention at breakfast that they’d heard people walking around the campsite at night and ask if any of us were afoot in the wee hours of the preceding night.  Of course the campers whose flaps were tied open would say how they found their tent flaps open.  The counselors would reply that they’d gone out to go to the bathroom or check the fire and heard a couple people scamper off into the woods.  They’d say they assumed it was deer.  We’d all shudder and beg to leave the forest for the safety of a cabin on the camp proper.

6/16/07: Nurse K touches a nerve with the locals who know more about the Melon Heads than they let on.

I live in Northeast Ohio. Although I have never seen a Melon Head, I do have a story that makes me think that they exist. I am an RN and use to work in Warrensville Heights.
I live about 50 minutes SE so I had a bit of a drive.

On Dec. 17th, 2005 I got off work at midnight and went for drinks with some coworkers. ( I know the date because it was my 28th birthday. ) After a few I hit the road. The only way for me to get home was to go down ST 422 which runs through a small town called Troy, Ohio. Troy is basically a 4 way stop and a bar.

Coming up to the town I had to use the ladies room, so I decided to stop at the bar. I had driven by this bar 100’s of times and it looked really nice from the outside. Even had an Irish name to make it look friendly. When I walked in, there were about 7 people in there, 5 of which were loaded. All were local. And one restroom, which was in use. So I sat at the bar and waited. Needless to say I got the know everyone name within 5 minutes, and when they found out it was my birthday, even got me a drink.

Now I have heard that the Melon heads lived in the Chardon Woods. Ive also heard Troy. Being that the two towns are close I guess both are right. Everyone was laughing and the bar mood was swinging, then I said out loud, ” Hey, don’t the Melon Heads live around here?”. Everyone….I mean EVERYONE stopped talking. I remember the barmaid looking at me with this expression of pure terror on her face. The silence lasted for a good 30 secs but in a bar at 130am it might as well been an hour. Finally someone said ” No, that’s all made up.” Everyone else nodded their head and repeated ” Yea, made up.” Then the subject was changed and it was back to business. I left shortly after that, and had never went back to that bar. I am a believer of a lot of things, but I’m not sure about the Melon Heads. But I know 100% that the people in that bar are believers. I’ll never forget that night as long as I live.

4/26/07:  From Randy:

Here is a picture of a stone marker that use to be on Wisner Rd. in front of Dr. Crowe’s driveway in Kirtland Ohio. It is in Mentor on the Lake Ohio now.

2/6/07:  At least the babies weren’t real:

Ok, well me and one of my friend’s, Dominique, live on the same road.  For school, we got electronic babies that cry.  Me, Dominique, and our other friend Nikki got the babies on the weekend, and slept over Dominque’s.

Well we were outside with our babies since it started snowing.  Dominqiue’s little brother also had a friend over, Patrick, and they were having a snowball fight at like 8 o clock at night, but they later ran in side saying they heard moaning, and it was scaring them (they were around 10 yeards old, and still believed in ghost stories).

Then later at around 10 o’clock, the 2 boys went outside again to have another snowball fight, but came in AGAIN saying that something was moving in the bushes and the bushes were flashing.

Now, me,  Dominique and Nikki juts thought they were being stupid.  But when we went over to the windows, we saw these little lights flashing at us, and i could see something moving. Dominique got her gun, and shot at the bushes, but nothing happened.  Patrick suggested that they were melon heads, as my dad also told them the story about them when i was little.

All 5 of us went on the computer and started researching melon heads, and we found out that other people said they saw little lights flashing…….. but I’m just wondering if it really was melon heads, or just our mind playing a trick on us?

9/11/06:  Stacey’s experience raises the possibility that the Melon Heads have evolved to operating heavy machinery:

When I was growing up, the legend of the Melonheads was that it was a hospital or asylum that conducted experimental type things on children or a school for “different” children. I actually heard that it was a combination of both…children with psychiatric/physical issues that were taken there for experimental reasons. The one thing that is different is the location. It has been about 24 years since my experience there, but the location I was taken to was, I believe, on or at the end of Munn Road in Newbury.

One night, my friend’s boyfriend, who was born and raised in Newbury and had never explored the location before,  took us there. We approached the site, which had a tall ( as I remember) chain link fence, and in the far distance you could see a large, brick/cement building similar to a prison or school. It was long, but not tall, like an elementary school. The building appeared to be gray in color, or at least looked that way at dark.  The driveway/road leading to the building was not paved and was very long.

As we began heading down the driveway towards the building,  but still quite a ways away from it,  headlights suddenly appeared in front of us from near the building.  They suddenly started heading directly towards us at a high rate of speed. Needless to say he quickly stopped the car, turned it around, and floored it to get us out of there. We could still see the vehicle approaching us, still at a high rate of speed, in the rear view mirror and back windshield. ( I was in the back seat). Once we passed the opening in the fence, the vehicle stopped, sat for a minute, then either disappeared or turned off it’s lights.

Needless to say, we NEVER went there again, although in recent years I have given it thought. This was truly an experience I will never forget.

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  1. So one time my brother and a friend and her sister went to kirtland Ohio trying to find crybaby bridge but since it was blocked off we just decided to drive down the road and then we stopped and looked out the window. It looked like a runned down orphanage and I read a story online that said the melon heads lived in an orphanage and you could tell that it was one because you could see creepy rocking chairs in the window and you get the feeling that someone’s watching you. And something else was weird our gps said to make a turn but there was no road and then like on the other side was the road

  2. I went with two other guys to the one in Kirtland, oh, and we stopped at the bridge about 10:30pm at night. It started to rain a bit so we stayed in the car. But I had a flash camera and rolled down the windows and started to take random pictures of the pitch black darkness over the bridge. I caught something on camera. I caught a strange white orb with a green tint in the middle and you can see a tail on the end of the orb. I showed this to the two guys and they freaked out and we left. I had people say it could have been a sign, but i don’t know of any sign over a creek in the woods that would reflect a white circle with green in the middle. I still have the picture to prove it. If anyone can debunk it. Be my guest.

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  4. I know for a fact they exsist..i have hundreds of pics. First saw them in my backyard months ago. I was takin pics. In my house and they are in every pics. I live in West tenn. At first it kinda scared me then I started research of the big snakes in my yard huge snakes . I looked at pics. Of every one . Finally I saw a pic. On a site that lead me to mellon heads. I have taken at least 700 pics. Last night I took pics. Inside and they are every where it still wierd I know for a fact they been here since May 2015..

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