Submission: Jameson House & Other Lodi Hauntings

Orig. Published 6/22/03:  It seems Lodi also has its fair share of ghosts, as submitted by Deb

Here are some “hauntings” from Lodi.

I live on an old 75 acre farm that was built in the late 1800’s. Of course, the original structure of the house has been built upon over the years. Creepily, I live across the street from a graveyard. On our property near our driveway, there is a patch of land, big enough for a large garden. The area should be well-lit because of backyard lights, but always seems way too dim. I have been told numerous times that upon entering our house at night through the back door, it feels as though they are either being looked at or chased into the house. A few people have said that they have seen a black haired girl in a black shadowy dress staring at them from the area. Although I have felt the chasing feeling, especially when I come home at night since I park my car on that side of the drive, I have never fully seen the girl, although a few times I have seen a shadowy presence.

As for the town itself, there is a place that is now called Jameson House.

One night my crazed friends and I went out to search for ghosts on Halloween night.  We decided to wait until midnight, the witching hour. My one friend suggested we go out to what is now called Jameson House. Supposedly, as all good rumors start, a woman was murdered in the basement. All I know about the house is the rumor of the murder and what road it’s on. The only other thing I do know is that after the murders, a family moved in since the house was sold much cheaper. Their children graduated from the local high school, or at least attended, and they seemed to get out in a hurry a year after they moved in. They never put the house up for sale.  Now, it’s an abandoned, half-decaying house. This supposedly happened 10 years ago, which I would assume would make the murder anywhere from 11-15 years ago.

No one seems to know much more abut the house and the supposed murder.  So, I was skeptical.  Most of my friends chickened out, so it ended up 2 guys and 2 girls, one being me.

The one rumor about this house is that if you pull up to it and flash your light 3 times and turn them off, you’ll see movement past the windows.   We tried it.  Nothing.  So, the guys parked and got out and told us to stay in the car. One of the guys went to the boarded up back door and knocked loudly. At the same time he did that, I heard a thud on the bottom of the car. The other girl didn’t hear it. 

He knocked again longer and louder. The car shook this time and a louder thud was heard on the bottom of the car. The guys came back and started telling us to knock it off before we even had a chance to tell them what happened. We asked them what they were talking about, and they said that we were opening and closing the car doors and needed to knock it off.

We entered the house through a lower door that opened above the stair well to the basement. Above the basement door (or shall I say lack of door) someone spray-painted “HELL.”   Yeah, that was not the most fun place to come in. 

So, we all wandered around the house and nothing was really freaky besides the attic, which strangely was just your typical attic–but when I walked up those stairs, the hairs on my entire body stood on end. By the time I got to the top, this fear swept over me and every hair on my body was standing on end. The same with one part of the basement.

The only other creepy thing was on one of the upstairs windows–it looked like someone had spray painted something. We first noticed it when we were looking for a way to get in. You could read it from the outside: “My name is (I don’t remember the name) please take my hand”. When we got inside, on the same window upstairs, instead of the reverse side of the paint you could still read it left to right.

I have only been back there once since, but it was during the day.  Last night, Friday the 13th, there was a full moon.  At midnight, some of my friends went back to the house. They took a video camera, a tape recorder and a camera. The car ride up came out and the car ride back came out on the video. All the audio from the car ride came out.  Everything else was blank or some of the pictures were white.

I wanted to find out more about the house, but I have figured a library wouldn’t help much, and that’s still a lot of news clippings to go through to try and verify the story.  Maybe someone knows more about the house?

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