Submission: Helltown Truck?

10/2011: Nick recounts being pursued by a mysterious truck:

I was never a believer in all the hell town stories until one night near the end of August of 2011. I always enjoy riding my motorcycle through the areas of “hell town” and the surrounding areas for the nice roads and scenery. So one night, I decided to go out for a ride around 10:30. There were absolutely no cars on the road at the time.

Nothing unusual happened until I ran into a thick patch of fog on the roadway. The fog was dense and I could barely see in front of me. I kept looking in my mirrors because I had a weird feeling there was someone behind me, and sure enough I saw headlights way back and they were getting closer.

I thought it was another bike because there was only one headlight but as I looked closer it looked like an old brown pickup truck. The truck was getting closer probably a few car lengths behind me now. The fog was still thick and I could barely see but I kept going faster. There were sharp turns ahead and I knew I could take them faster than the truck could. After I took the turns, I saw the head lights vanish and no truck was in sight.

I understand it could have been anyone messing with me but I can’t explain the truck vanishing without any intersections or other roads to turn onto. Maybe it was just a coincidence with the one headlight but I know I wont be riding through that area at night any time soon.

4 thoughts on “Submission: Helltown Truck?

  1. But did the truck have only one headlight? That *is*, after all the legend.

    I’m both happy and a little scared to see the tradition continues out there.

    • Good question. The story is ambiguous, first mentioning “headlights” then later saying only one headlight. I choose to believe the latter.

  2. Ok this totally freaks me out reading this. Because a few years back i worked in that area me and a female friend decided we would take a drive thru. I never had been there before and didnt know where it was but always heard about it. Driving down the twisty road that has no cross streets and a guard rail on one side the same thing happened to me. I couldnt tell what it was behind me but some sort of car or truck came out of no where and was riding my butt! The one head ligh was kind of dim and actually kind of faded then got brighter back and forth. I decided to speed up and so did it. We came up on a curve in the road and i stepped on it. Before i knew it the car was gone! I slowed down also and at the end of the road there is a intersection i waites at shortly. The car never came and there was no place to turn off before that. Also that night before we drove down “the road to the end of the world” right before the road looks as if it drops off there is a drive that normal people woild turn around in. My luckit was lines with garbage cans and other stuff right at the street aka you couldnt turn around in it!

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