Submission: Egypt Road

June 2012:   If recent news and Kathryn’s own encounter aren’t warning enough to stay away from Egypt Road’s Crybaby Bridge, then….

I’m sure you get tons of emails saying “I swear I saw this” or “I swear I heard” this, so why listen to me?  Why not just throw my email out, but you have come thus far in reading so please read until the end.

I am a very strong Christian who believes that Satan can use all types of things to trick the mind or even actually haunt places. Tonight was the first time I worked up enough courage to actually drive all the way down there and get out of the car and walk to the bridge, all the way onto the bridge. Now, I need to stop here and tell the legend I heard; there was a cult that would kidnap blonde haired blue eyed kids and sacrifice them on the bridge. Now, upon getting to the bridge I was immediately chilled to the bone by some howling, but upon listening it was a hoot owl. We started onto the bridge and were stopped again by a very distinct sound of crying. Chilled, I ran back to the car but eventually ventured out again. Walking I thought I heard something behind me and looked over my shoulder to see the shadow of a man running in front of my headlights. More baby cries ensued before we left. Now, I did have my dog with me who did not react to anything so tricks of my mind? Probably…freaky?? Definitely!!

2 thoughts on “Submission: Egypt Road

  1. As an fyi- there is an entire area that extends from North Lima to Salem to at least Rogers that has an abundance of dark and malevolent energy. Imo, Egypt Rd. is just part of this portal. If you head SE to Lipply Rd. there is the legend of the witch grave. It may extend to the West to Lexington Rd. near Alliance.

    I had the misfortune of living in this area a number of years ago. There were numerous animal tortures and all sorts of dark events and hauntings. Many of the people in that area seemed to be influenced by this energy. It was a horrible time in my life. I vowed I would never set foot in that area again and to this day I have kept my promise.

  2. I recently moved to Columbiana Ohio. I have heard many stories about Egypt Rd and all the cult activity and all the stories. I have been into ghost hunting a good majority of my life and been to Beaver Creek more times than I can count. However Cry baby bridge I have only been able to drive by it the police are always sitting there and I don’t want to just ask them if I can explore it. Does anyone know of anyway you can go check it out without it being tresspassing. I find it hard to believe the bridge is private property.

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