Submission: Ghostly Encounter at Beaver Creek Hambleton Mill

4/20/2011:  A local resident shares her lifetime of hauntings in and around Beaver Creek.

 I grew up in Lisbon, Ohio. For years while living there I dealt with hauntings. My best friends house was extremely haunted. It was part of the underground railroad.
  Anyways we would always go to all areas of Beaver Creek growing up. One day when I was around 16 or 17 (1991 or 1992 time) friends and I were driving late at night. We were driving through Beaver Creek. We were coming down the big curvy hill part (that I hate) and Hambleton Mill was on the left side of us. Now it was pitch black dark besides our headlights. When we got closer to the mill I saw a lady figure standing in one of the windows. I secretly in my head was freaking out. I didn’t say anything to anyone because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy. It has haunted me for years. After that I built up the courage one day to drive by there again during the daylight to see how the windows looked. I had never paid attention to it before in the past so I had no idea. When I drove by and saw that the windows including the one I saw the lady in was completly boarded up. I freaked out.
  I never drove threw there again until about 2 yrs later when my boyfriend lived out that way. We would drive down through there to get to Calcutta. Every single time I would keep my eyes away from that building. When we drove by at night I would be scared to death even more.
 I still think about that night all the time. Especially when people bring up hauntings at Beaver Creek. I never knew about the bride story when I saw the lady. In fact I just found out about it on your website today. I always knew about Gretchen and Jakes lock but not her. When I read it and saw the picture of the mill I was freaking out because I knew I finally had an answer to what I had seen.
I just wanted to share my experience there. I actually have all kinds of crazy stories. I don’t know if ghosts attract to me or what but some of it was good some of it not so good. Thankfully for some things I had another person with me to witness the things.


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  1. My family and I used to go camping there and one night well after dark my friend and I decided go for a hike probably not the smartet thing to do in the middle of no where but hey we were only 14 or 15 so we grabbed our flashlights and we set off. We ended up down at the pioneer village in the picnic area and as we got near the covered bridge he stopped and asked me if I was seeing the same thing that he was of course I didn’t yet that was until he shined his light through the bridge and I could see this lady walking she completely ignored us and our lights so we walked up to where she was going keeping her in our sight and she dissapeared into the old mill. That was the last time that he ever went camping. However that night sparked something in me that made me want to learn more about ghosts not only here in Ohio but just in general. It was definatley a memorable camping trip.

  2. If you have a story about Beaver Creek, either a sighting or unusual experience, I would love to talk to you. I’m researching local legends for a new tv series and looking for people who have reported sightings, etc at Beaver Creek and surrounding canals. Please feel free to email me at

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