Submission: Abbeyville Road of Evil

10/28/08: Thomas gives a crash photo course on the other legends that accompany crybaby bridge on Abbeyville Road:

There are other places that are supposed to be haunted on Abbeyville Rd.

The Railroad over pass is another place on Abbeyville road.

There is a church that is supposed to be haunted, too.

The church is just about 500 feet down the road from the bridge with cemetery that is next to the railroad bridge.

Now for the second pictures of the round grave stone.

It is said that it is a witches stone. It’s said it will roll over and if you look close at the picture you can see scratches on the stone indicated that is has moved or rolled over.

Editor’s Note: The round grave stone is more famously known as the Witch’s Ball of Myrtle Hill Cemetery. Plentiful stories can be found at Creepy Cleveland’s site by clicking here.

8/5/2008:  Beth’s investigation yields some strange results:

When I was in high school, myself & 2 friends drove out to the Abbeyville Rd. Cry Baby Bridge. We turned around in the Church lot & went & parked under the train trestl.  We waited quietly & all of a sudden it sounded like there were 2-3 people scrambling down the hill at our right. I started the car & took off! We were all freaking out!

I stopped about 500 ft away to look back & there was nothing, it was quiet. Since then I have wondered if it was a dear or other animal. Maybe some other kids were sitting there waiting to give someone a real scare, I don’t know. That was 1992.

Saturday August 2, 2008, myself, my boyfriend & another couple went out there. We parked behind the church in the cemetery & walked back to the train tracks. We followed the tracks to the bridge over the street. Now that is where I thought “Cry Baby Bridge” was. Dave, a member of our group said it wasn’t, that we had to cross this trestle and go onto the next, which is over a creek and where the lady dropped her baby to its death. We had a camera and a tape recorder. Nothing scary happened to us, the scariest thing was crossing that trestle over the street.

When we got to the 2nd bridge/trestle Dave & his girlfriend Jeanine walked out to the middle of that one. I didn’t because it had no sides and it was pitch black. They said it was really eerie out there.  They thought they heard whispers. We left & crossed the trestle again over the street.  That was scarier because we had to freeze.  Four cars came and passed under us as we were up on that trestle!

So we got back to the car and started to listed to the tape recorder my boyfriend had. We heard a strange bark type sound that we never heard at the time. We also heard a train in the background!!!! The whole time we were out there!!! We never heard that, we would never have crossed those trestles if we had heard that. We were all listening carefully & we all even commented on how quiet it was. We even all noticed this really loud cricket who is on the tape. Here are some pics from that site:

Looking down tracks from 1st trestle we crossed. I think that light is a far off intersection.


Church, taken from on the tracks, there are orbs.


Tree on left side of tracks, orbs


Off left side of tracks, orbs.

Trestle over creek, what Dave said was the true Cry Baby Bridge. Nothing I saw.



13 thoughts on “Submission: Abbeyville Road of Evil

  1. Please guys, spell things a little bit better and try to explain with less exclamation points. I’m sorry to say that this story is pointless and it doesn’t really seem like anything actually happened to you that you could call “an experience”. There were no orbs in those pictures, just dust. A lot of people call dust particles ‘orbs’ due to the fact that they get freaked out that they didn’t see them when they were there taking a picture. Light reflects off of dust particles, giving it a glowing orb effect and cameras capture the light being reflected. The whole noise thing was most likely a frightened animal, and most cry baby bridge stories are bullshit. If you want to experience paranormal or out-worldly things, I will help you out. Contact me to hear about some real ‘shit your pants’ experiences I have had personally all over the united states. My personal cell is(813) 675-7343. If I don’t get to you right away, leave a message. Also, if anyone is interested, I have a haunted doll up for grabs.

    • hi, id like to know of places you know in ohio that are truly haunted me and a couple of friends are planning to go out next month and would love some suggestions

  2. i have went to crybaby brige when i did i saw a lady in white at the top of the brige me and my sis said bitch come out and are car started shakeing something happen to my sis she got pessesed

  3. I smoked a joint where your last picture was taken u we’re to aware and ur mind played tricks on you. There’s no ghosts there lol

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