Potter House

(Orig. Published 4/2003)

Enjoy this guided tour of Bowling Green’s ghastly estate, with story and photos courtesy of Roze L.:

The house on Potter Road is not very inviting.  Once the home of the Minton Family of Bowling Green, this run down abandoned house is the alleged site of a murder-suicide.

I have been there in the day time, and at night.  The moment you pull into the drive, you get a gut-wrenching feeling that only gets worse as you enter the house.

The inside of the house has been trashed.  The living room has a hole in the floor.
 Off to the left of the living room is another room that is equally trashed.

The inside of this house is freezing, even when it is warm outside.  But it got much colder as we entered the kitchen . . .

The kitchen has several bullet holes all over the back wall.  What chilled us even more is what looks like a blood spatter–on the same wall

Whether this is really blood, I cannot say.  Yet, there are even splatter stains on the ceiling above…

I did research on this house, and found it was built around the mid 1800’s.  However, I had difficulty tracing all of the residents of this house.  I did find the current owner of the property and interviewed him over the telephone.  He said he was not aware of the bullet holes and stains on the walls. 

When I returned a week later to check the basement, it was newly nailed shut.  The windows were also recently boarded up.  While on the back porch, I also noticed a very old deep freezer, which also had several bullet holes.

Is the story–about the man who killed his wife, kids, and himself–true?  I do not know.

Why does this house still stand vacant, in disrepair, for so many years? 

And why are these “bloodstains” still on the walls?

We have only our imagination to guide us.

Below are some great outside photographs of the Potter House, taken by Chad Smith and submitted to Dead Ohio for your enjoyment.  He also provided this description of his recent exploration of the house:

It looked to me as if the highway department used the driveway to store salt for the roads during the winter.  The place is wide open, as you can see in the shot I took of the front door, and the fresh grass in the front lawn had a path worn through it already, along with tons of junk (my wife spotted a string of Mardi Gras beads). 

I didn’t see any ghosts, but the place is definitely creepy and was worth the trip.

Webmistress Note:  For more tales and info on the Potter House, check out Forgotten Ohio’s webpage by clicking here.


10/5/03: Potter House was burned down yesterday, October 4th, 2003.  It was used as fire training by the Weston Fire Department, with assistance from Middleton FD and Central Joint.

8/11/03:  The apparent granddaughter of the owner of Potter House recently e-mailed Dead Ohio and explained that the house is presently being used to store farming equipment.  Furthermore, she doubts that the “splatters” are blood, and that it is probably the result of kids wanting to scare each other.  The fact that the house is not lived in is not unusual or peculiar–it simply isn’t practical to put alot of money to keep up the house as a residence.   Most importantly, she cautions readers to stay away, as  the house is abandoned and dangerous. 

That makes sense to us.

7/17/03: After his recent night visit to Bowling Green’s grisly landmark, Ben submits this interesting, thoughtful analysis of the legend:

This is our excursion to the ‘Potter House’ near Bowling Green.

We made the trip to this house at night with a video camera with the night shot feature. We have seen all the images on the website as they appeared just as they are. We cannot account for the alleged stories surrounding the house, although there may be some discrepancies.

Reading the info about the house, it is presumed that the suicide was done by a hanging in the attic or attic room. We visited this room and there is an attic access in the ceiling, however there is simply not enough vertical space in the attic itself to carry out a hanging, unless the rope was extended through the attic access door into the room itself.

We did, however, find two ropes large enough to support the weight of a body hanging from the rafters inside the barn. We found no noose anywhere. Realistically, if a suicide by hanging occurred, whomever found the body would have cut it off with a knife and their would be no ‘noose’ left anywhere on the property.

 It is definitely a derelict house, but I saw nothing extraordinary there at night besides some obvious signs that locals have had some rituals by sacrificing some animals, mainly bats – there was the remains of bat skeletons in the front or main room.

The blood splatters are there, although it appears more like someone blew there head off with a shotgun rather than a smaller caliber gun. There would be too many bullet holes to account for shooting someone with a regular gun as the number of holes reflects that someone could withstand about 10 head shots and remain standing – I doubt it!

The only thing that really was unexplainable was my camera light inexplicably went out…..that was the extent of the paranormal there…….. still it is a neat house to see if you are easily spooked.

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    • Domininc, if you read the updates you would see that it was burnt down in 2004 for fire fighter training.

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