Submission: Melonhead Crybaby Bridge

8/26/14: Kristen and her friends visited the Kirtland Crybaby Bridge late one night, and got what they were looking for. Or did they? Check out her photo and decide for yourself.

I went with two other guys to cry baby bridge in Kirtland. We were teenagers looking for a scare or the truth, the usual teenage stuff.

I brought my camera with me and we stopped on the bridge. It was raining outside so we stayed in the car. We didn’t know exactly what would happen so most of us were nervous just being there at 10:30 at night. It was pitch black and you couldn’t see anything.

I took my camera and had the flash on. I snapped a few pictures all about the bridge from the car. I took one picture of the creek in the woods that were closed off to the public. I happened to catch a strange image in the picture. It was a white orb seemed to be moving even though I had the camera very still. And it had green tint in the middle of this orb.

I showed this to the two guys I was with and they freaked out and we left ASAP.

I wanted to see if anyone could debunk this photo but I cannot come up with any logical answers


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  1. Hope you had a fun time on your legend trip. You stated it was raining at the time……I’m guessing that would explain your “orb”. Seriously though, thank you for at least being someone to finally submit something to this site. I used to love going to the various sites about Ohio paranormal, abandoned locations, legends, etc. Many are now gone, the others never seem to have any updates. Too many ghost hunting “reality TV” shows now?

  2. Well here ya go , I will debunk your photo and every last myth out there, until I get sued :-). I was a Patrolman for the Arboretum for a long long long time . I have been there every hour of every day , on both dead ends , and seen everything you can see. What you are seeing , is a light from Riverwood farms. I notice you are at the Kirtland dead end. Prior to them closing it at the bridge you could go to the 9791 address and up the hill was a cottage leased by a person for 1 dollar a year , nice guy used it as his summer get away. Kids became a nuisance so we ramped up patrols . But as long as you stay on Wisner and drive and turn around you are fine . Everything on both sides is private property . Sorry no melon heads , no cry baby’s , just a guys old cottage owned by holden until 2012. The Chardon dead end at 9501 off MM road is also private property owned by 2 ladies on the left and the easement of the people on MM road across. It’s only about 3/4 of a mile between the 2 dead ends. Biggest thing to be scared of is horse sh## and falling in the river …

  3. I buy it. I have visited cry baby bridge in Kirtland many many times, never experienced anything, other than one time. That one time it happened to be an orb as well. There were 5 of us, 2 cars. I drove, as well as one of my friends. we parked our cars on the bridge, got out and locked the cars. Our ritual every time was to park the car on the bridge, walk to the dead end and come back. We walked to the dead end and this time was different because one of my friends and I went into the woods while the other three went back to the cars. Both me and the friend that I went into the woods drove, and they went back to the locked cars. So my friend and I walked in the woods, only using our cell phone light as a source of light, it was about 3am so it was pitch black. on our way back to get out of the woods was one of the scariest, biggest adrenaline rush i ever got in my life. My friend and I were walking when all the sudden both of us just froze, ahead of us about 18-20 yards was a big ball of light. It kept blinking slow about 4 times. I told my friend to turn his phone light off, we did and it stopped blinking. As i was whispering to him, I could hear y heart beat through my mouth, the biggest rush I ever got. Keep in mind, its 3am so its pitch black. This ball of light was like a big beach ball, this was nothing small, this was nothing that can be explained. We were close enough to see there was no light source. At that time I had the biggest rush in my life, I told my friend ill clinch my fists you clinch your fists, I got your back, you got my back. The problem is that this ball of light was right on the path that led out of the woods, so we walked very fast right where the ball was, and there was nothing there. We got back to the road and walked fast to the bridge, once we got there our friends were freaking out. They heard someone screaming (it wasnt us two) so they called the police. Before we could leave the police showed up, and told us we cant be trespassing. f someone told me this I don’t think id believe it, but what happened that night, i have no logical explanation at all. We were close to it, we walked right through where it was, the big bright ball of light at 3 am

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