Dead Ohio documents Northeast Ohio’s Haunted Places, Abandoned Cemeteries, Folklore and other Oddities. Launched in March 2001, it contains factual research, exploration and photographs on such beloved subjects as Franklin Castle, the Melon Heads, Helltown, the Torso Murders, Lakeview Cemetery, and Crybaby Bridges (yes, pural). A sizeable vault of reader submissions, including stories and photographs, have also been collected and published, resulting in an extensive library of goodies.

Dead Ohio is NOT a paranoramal investigative website.  It does not seek to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, ‘squatches, wraiths, demons, wendigos, witches, or clans of feral big-headed children running amok in the woods.  It merely presents the information–oral tradition, history and facts–and leaves it to the reader to decide and pursue on his/her own.

Dead Ohio was launched in 2001 using not much more than an old Kodak K-10 35 mm film camera, Microsoft FrontPage and a budget web hosting plan.  Since that time, it has featured roughly 50 articles on haunted places and legends and 40 articles on various cemeteries.

The website stayed active until 2008, when I stopped updating after a few years of slowly crawling to a stop.  Real life issues–increased work, family deaths, moving, losing 100 lbs., having fun with non-ghostie things–absorbed the extra free time needed to nurture the website.  So did having a baby:

Yet, in spite of my neglect, Dead Ohio took care of itself and continued to increase in popularity. It simply refused to die.

Dead Ohio is now over ten years old.   My inbox is filled with hundreds of submissions that never made it on the website. Half-finished articles and files on more haunted places, crybaby bridges and cemeteries have remained untouched for years. The Links page is horribly outdated; meanwhile, tons of legitimate link requests from kindred spirits sit unopened in my emails. Dead Ohio deserves some sprucing up, updates and a blog upgrade.

Presently, the old webpages on Haunted Places and Crybaby Bridge have been moved to this WordPress blog as posts.  Where relevant, a “Reader Submission Vault” will appear at the bottom of each post, containing archived reader comments and submissions.  From this point forward, new comments and submissions on published topics can be added via comments.

Other sections of the old Dead Ohio website, including cemeteries, will migrate over gradually.  During this transition, we will try to keep most of the old webpages online so as not to interfere with your Halloween fun. You can begin by visiting here.

As always, you can share your experiences and stories by Email .

As with my sorry attempts at web design on the old website, I’m new to this WordPress thing, learning how it works as I go along.  This is a work in progress, so expect ongoing improvements.

Now, without further adieu, welcome to Dead Ohio V. 2.0 and…



Evans Cemetery, the original Night of the Living Dead graveyard, taken September 2008.

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6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi I was wanting to know if you could give me a list of free places to go and investigate? I appreciate any help! Thank you!

  2. I am writting a book on the Pharanormal Phenomenon’s. Do you know any ledgens, you want me to talk to you about?

    • Alice, are you still interested in writng a book on pharanornal stories? I have uncovered the most plausable truth behind Rogues Hollow Bridge. What’s interesting is that the real name of the real girl that died shares your name, Alice and Rose.. crazy. my email is

  3. I am from the Firelands & don’t care what anyone says, Gore Orphanage was & is real. I know several people who have had experiences there!!! Why in the world would there be a road named after it??? People like to hide dirty laundry is all!!!

  4. I lived in olmsted falls ohio for 20 yrs and was a boy scout just down the river from turkey foot (chestnut ridge cemetery) and my grand dad is buried there, i have never heard things like the stories i am reading , but whooo knows

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