Submission: Edwin Shaw Pictures

5/15/2015: So what is Edwin Shaw Hospital like at night?  Tina is here to show you.

I have never went out and did something like this before.  This place was pretty creepy.  This was just a couple of the pictures I took.

Edwin Shaw3 Edwin Shaw HazyFeel free to post. I’m going back to see what I can get in the Sunshine Village and cemetery area tonight.  Will share if I get something good!

3 thoughts on “Submission: Edwin Shaw Pictures

    • I worked in landscaping at Edwin Shaw, over ten years ago. The place was fascinating, and so rich in history. There are underground tunnels that connect the wings, ..and the morgue. It was eerie being down there, and I would never go alone.

      I felt bad because the cemetery was in a terrible state of neglect. Also, there were hardly a marker with a name, most just had a number. Very sad. I was one of the very few who pushed for a committee in restoring the cemetery. I hear they finally accomplished that, but by that time, I was employed elsewhere. I would have loved to have been part of that team.

  1. This “fog” is that here (in Brazil) we call of Miasma and Xopatz!


    The truth is that these “fogs” aren`t spirits of the deceased… And they can follow peoples who have bad habit and can devour their astral body until the same will sicken physically and mentally and die. So, be careful when hunting these aliens, I recommend that you load in Pocket a Onix, Black Tourmaline etc (magically prepared!). .. And bathing with salt and herbs to unload – like: garlic and rue herb (of course; magically prepared!!!) for example.

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