Edwin Shaw Hospital

(Orig. Published 10/2002)

Currently a rehabilitation facility, Edwin Shaw Hospital was formerly known as Springfield Lake Sanitarium.  The sanitarium was opened in 1915.  It is located on Sanitarium Road (of course!) in Lakemore, Ohio, near the Akron airport. 

The hospital campus is rumored to be haunted by the various ghosts of its former occupants.  In addition, nearby Springfield Lake is the site of strange occurrences–mainly unexplained floating lights–reported by local fishermen.

The hospital was built to house tuberculosis patients.  At that time, Ohio required every county to have its own tuberculosis facility.  At capacity, it housed approximately 200 patients.  The sprawling, natural landscape of the sanitarium campus was intended to give the dying patients a comforting retreat.

In 1922, the Sunshine Cottage was added to house children stricken with TB. 

Many young patients died here, some of whom are buried in a small TB cemetery located on the Edwin Shaw campus.  Typical of many other cemeteries of its kind, the graves contain only numbered markers.  The TB cemetery will be featured in an upcoming Springfield Sanitarium Cemetery page.

In the 1960’s, the hospital later expanded with the building of “Sunshine Village,” which once housed abused, orphaned, and/or neglected children in small cottages.  The village was later inexplicably returned to the hospital by Children’s Services, and is currently being used by the hospital for its outpatient rehabilitation programs.

With this history, it is hardly surprising that the hospital is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of TB patients, victims of violence, and suicidal children.  Indeed, while exploring the grounds on two occasions, the overall feel of the place was creepy and depressing.

One particularly disturbing area was located behind the old hospital, in the woods and near the cemetery. 

While searching the back area, we discovered a few strange artifacts, including this piece of old farming equipment. 

These photographs were taken during our scouting trip earlier this year, in late April 2002.  Below are two different shots of an old truck bed, and an overturned truck near a stagnant pond.  Frankly, we cannot come up with a real explanation for these photos–the “haze” seen above and below could not have been sun glare as the shots were taken near dusk and away from the sun.  It was not cold, and we were not smoking.  Perhaps it was a camera malfunction or the film was bad.  In any event, the photos certainly reflect the mood of the place during our visits.


4/6/04:  On April 1, 2004, The Akron Beacon Journal featured an article on the Springfield Lake Sanitarium Cemetery.  After years of neglect, this historical cemetery has finally received some long-overdue attention by the hospital and the public.  You can read the article by clicking here.  Edwin Shaw Hospital is arranging a cleanup of the cemetery for a Saturday in May 2004.  For those interested in volunteering with the cleanup, contact Susan Joyce at 330-784-1271, Ext. 5554.  Also, Ohio.com has posted the cemetery’s burial records.  You can access them by clicking here.  Many thanks to James Snyder (“F*****g James”) for giving us the heads up and providing us with the interesting newspaper article.

10/6/03: A kind Southern soul has offered the most rational explanation for these creepy photos:

Here in the South we have a natural (I guess you could term it weather) condition called “vergance” I think. In places that have a high humidity, at night or after a rain, there is a mist/fog condition. I don’t know if it can be called fog since its not a sitting cloud…It will rise up from standing water. Bayou, lake, pond, puddles of standing rain water on the road. It looks alot like that. Very eerie. I thought that’s what it was, but then I realized there wasn’t any water standing where the haze was.”

Webmistress note:  Actually, there was a stagnant pond a few feet from where these pictures were taken.  Mystery solved, with much gratitude to our learned guest.

10/26/05: Michelle, a former security officer from the hospital, confirms some of the hauntings, as well as shares her own chilling experiences:

I am an ex-security officer from Edwin Shaw Hospital the old sanitarium. Some of the things mentioned in the story on the web site are things that I have witnessed also.

I was patrolling the Dobkin center on the property one night and a little girl came on my radio and asked “can I go home?” I didn’t push the button to reply to the girl but I did say yes you can go home your family is waiting for you. She came back on the radio and said “Thank you bye bye” That really freaked me out because I went back to the main hospital and asked if anyone heard something on the radio and they said that they didn’t. I have more experiences if you would like me to email them I can. The experiences have also inspired me to write some fiction short stories while I was working there.

10/25/05: Debbie and her man go exploring the mysterious grounds of the old sanitarium and share some interesting photos they captured:

One night, my man and I went ghost hunting. But before we left, we got real psyched by reading the stories on this website. Our goal for the night was Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Center located on Sanitarium Road in Springfield.

We parked across the street at the driving range, and walked across to the woods. Just walking to it, I started to feel light- headed and cold.  It was real humid out and the cold air was creepy.  I saw something in the trees and right away knew I was not going into the woods.  Instead, I stood in front and take some photos. I took this picture, right where I saw something……..

We decided it was time to go. As we walked on the path back to the truck, I had an overwhelming feeling to run.  Then, I heard someone skipping behind us.  As I took off, something knocked Sam’s bottle of pop out of his hands.  This freaked him out, and we compared stories once we were in the safety of the truck. That thing I felt and heard was what knocked the bottle out of his hands….. creepy stuff….

On the way home on Albrecht Road, there is a large cemetery going up the hill.  Next to is a big two-story, eerie green house.  I have heard that this house was used like an apartment and rented out. It is vacant due to the ghostly unexplainable things that all the tenants experienced. (Well, it appears to be practically built on top of the cemetery, so it doesn’t surprise me if its very haunted).  By now its 2:30 am and I just stopped in front of the house and took a shot.  You cant tell me this is not a scary site……….

Finally I pulled in right next to this house in the cemetery, but the gates were closed.  So, I held the camera out the window and took a shot and immediately gave it to Sam to take another shot from that angle.  This is what he got………..

 10/5/04: Voices of children humming and moving doors are just some of the things folks have experienced in the cottages on the Edwin Shaw campus, as Rob explains:
Edwin Shaw is haunted. When I was 15, I used to stay in one of the surrounding cottages during the night, and spent time in the main building that’s in your photos during the day.  It is definitely a creepy place.  I never saw anything in the main building, but the surrounding cottages definitely  have something going on in them

The cottage I was in used to house children with TB.  One night, I remember hearing a young girl humming a tune in the closet from across my bed.  Other kids in my cottage heard the same thing, but in different rooms.  Sometimes, we would wake up in the morning and find the closet doors open.  At night, we would sneak out for a smoke and walk in those woods, which was pretty creepy in its own part.

10/18/02:  croopnospam@neo.rr.com, a former employee, provides some of her own, creepy experiences while working at the old Springfield Sanitarium:

Most of the pictures you took were from the old Children’s Home, which is very haunted. 

The place was empty for years and went to renovation where many of the workers reported many strange sightings. I worked in housekeeping at the time and was told to go over on many occasions during renovation. I went to the top floor of the building where an office was being finished. This was in December. When I went up there to sweep the floor,  I kept hearing a buzzing noise.  I turned to look toward the windows and they were covered with flies!!! I mean covered, too. Just like the Amityville story!!!!!  Creeped me out.

Then I was assigned to work there. I had to start my shift at 6 am. No one was there but me for approx. an hour. I always felt as if I were being watched as I walked over there from the main building. When I went in, I was always a bit uneasy and felt unnerved!!  I would hear noises coming from the basement area.  I never went down there till weeks later and had someone with me. There was a ton of old furniture down there, mostly antiques and desks chairs and old beds. 

One of the counselors [a new person who did not know about the haunted history of the place] came up to me one day and asked if I ever heard the noises in the cafeteria section in the morning. I said no!!  She was appalled and scared half out of her wits.

She said that when she would come in, even before entering the building, she could hear alot of children talking and the sound of dishes rattling–as if there were a bunch of people eating in the dining room.  When she would unlock the door, the voices and noises would stop. She heard this almost every day and was really frightened about it.

Other workers also heard children laughing and playing in various rooms. All unseen.

When I worked in the main building–the oldest one called “The North Building”–I used to see a ghost of a man in a hospital gown sitting on a bench near what is now the psych. section. I saw him often. He never looked at me but just sat there. Other people I knew that clean that building at night told me they had also seen him. 

My co-workers also said that when they were on the second floor, someone would open and close doors. They would hear footsteps in the restrooms, and stall doors opening and shutting. No one was there, of course.

There are tunnels under the hospital. One that leads to the Sunshine cottage building (that one has been closed for years) and one which is still in operation that goes to the laundry building.  That is a really creepy place. There is a feeling that someone is watching you, even walking with you.

It is indeed a creepy place, but it is a good place, too. The hospital has done wonders for many of the people who have been treated there over the years.

By the way, the Lakemore area is one of the best places ever for orbs. I’ve seen many myself and had to live with them in an apartment for 4 years. There are Indian ghosts there, as well.

There are more stories.  They are all true, and my family has witnessed many of them, as well.

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  1. I stayed at Edwin Shaw in may of 2009, recovering from a gunshot wound. I could see the woods past the parking lot from my bed. What a creepy site to wake to in the earlier hours of the morning! You could see orbs, overwhelming feelings of someone looking in….ect. I also was taken into the old wing during occupational therapy. In the hall there was a noticeable temperature drop…atleast 10 to 15 degrees colder… in the room we used for my therapy too. The outside of the door had locks so patients could be blocked in. Creepy!

    • I have to tell you Sara I worked at Edwin Shaw for thirty yrs. ,at no time were there ever locks on patient room doors ,ever. Those locks were installed when therapy dept. took over that wing. In the oldest building standing, the north bldg. there were never locks until offices were put there. I retired in 2005 ,never once was a patient locked in a room. I have to agree the temp. changes were profound . Sometimes you would just walk into a very cold spot ,go back later and that eerie cold spot would not be there.

  2. Hi My Name Is Amy,I’m 29 yrs old, I Live in Ravenna Ohio, and I’m obsessed with the Paranormal. I Actually an Amazing Ghost Hunter and Weird stuff is Always Happening to Me. I Started My Own Paranormal Club AnL Paranormal about 5 years ago. I very gotten A Lot of Evidence of All sorts Of Paranormal Phenomena.

    I Watched a Show a Few days ago called The Ghost Inside My Child, its about Reincarnation and Afterwards I Felt the Need to Google Edwin Shaw… I Had a Vivid Dream a Few Years ago…About 2 Guys picked Me up From my Home and They took Me to a Mental hospital…People Surrounded me as I was Dumped in their Court Yard… They were Scratching Me so I Looked to The Nurse by the Door for Help , with an Angry Look on her Face she Called everyone Inside, Then I Ended up in Some lounge Area where the Mentally Handicapped people Circled me and Proceed to Claw and Scratch at Me Again… I Looked at the Same Nurse by The Stairs and Said” Please… Will you Get these People Away from Me, I’m Not like Them”…with a Scowl on her face She Led me up The Steps to a Room with Cots, 3 on the Left 4 on the Right she Led Me to The one on the Far right and I Sat down, I Looked over At my Belongings Which were Bags of My daughters Sleepers, I had Only what I was Carrying to the Car on My way Out to Where Ever with my Family… Anyways the Woman Looked at me and Said with a Evil smile ” The Doctor will be in, in a Minute to Burn You with a Light Bulb”…I said” What? ..Why?” and Then I Listened to her High heels Click as she Walked out the Door, I Looked over at the Window and saw My Cat (now Ghost cat) Sitting on the Window Sill…Looking Out the Window and Then back at Me like Trying to Tell me “Lets Go”… I Started trying to Tie Sleepers together But Just Then the Doctor walks in ” I said No… Please No…you Don’t Have to do this, Please, as he Backs me up Against the Wall by the Window… I Look at My Cat, he Looks at Me and then Looks like He is About to Jump but Upon Weighing it Out, he Decides that he Cant make it Safely, I look At the Doctor As he Held up some Sort of Light bulb on a Stick and Like a Trident, Stabs Me in the Chest, he Holds it On Me and then Stabs me in The side and Then my arm…I Proceed at This Point to I Guess Leave my Body and Follow the Cat as He lead Me Out the Window, he Jumped and Made it As I Floated straight down, scaling the Back of the Building after Him… He then Took Off Fast leading Me Quickly diagonally Right through the Field Towards the Tree Line… We Reached the tree Line, Entered it, and Off to The right he Crawled through A Hole in Some Type of Slanted Metal shaped Structure, I ripped Off the Sheets of Metal as I Dug Through the Layers…Once I broke Through the Hole I ended Up in My daughter’s Play house with Her Instead of the Cat..okay now back to Edwin Shaw I Told my Mom a few Years back Before the Dream that I Remembered Her sending me to 3 mental hospitals when I was Young to Get me Regulated On my Pills because I’m told I am Bi Polar Manic Depressant….I said “Akron Children’s, Windsor Hospital, and Edwin Shaw Sanitarium…she said “No, you have Only been to 2″…she Told me That I had Never went to Edwin Shaw..I tried To research the Hospital after that But didnt Really get Much so I Gave up Shortly after that.

    Well I Just looked it Up…on Dead Ohio…and Saw Pictures of the Property and they Spoke of some Weird things that They found in The Woods behind the Place and one Of those Pictures showed A turned over Old Truck…and when I Saw it I Immediately started to Cry…cuz This is Very similar to What I saw… I Think that they Killed me…and Believe Me… I am Very Upset….

    Since Coming to Realization that this could All be Very Real…I started making phone calls. I eventually called a very guy who was absolutely Amazing…He got me Information about where I could go see records of the patients in the cemetery on the property…although he told me I’m not permitted…actually no one is permitted on the property and also anyone found trespassing will be arrested immediately…do not pass go…do not collect two hundred dollars… but that’s fine. I am a Ghost Hunter and would Love to go there just because I want to go check out the truck in the back yard in the woods…. but I guess all in all I didn’t ever want to go there in the first place, right? lol…

    On another note no one has anything Bad to say about Edwin Shaw or the Sanitarium…Why u ask? Because so many good things came from the hospital…I believe that how Akron Children s Hospital came about…so No Body is asking questions…Well here is the truth for all of you who don’t know… Edwin Shaw was either dooped by Dr. Hyde or He had knowledge of the crimes but just didn’t know in time and by that point had already put his name Literally on the building… regardless Dr. Hyde Convinced Edwin Shaw that he could Cure Tuberculosis but we all know that nobody achieved that and lots and lots of people died whom were experimented on..aka Tortured and basically Murdered,…Oh how easy it probably was to dispose of the bodies…”ring ring ring:Hello? Hi this is so-n-so, … oh I’m sorry Ma’am…You’re daughter Past away this morning…she lost the battle of Tuberculosis…she was just too weak and I guess she couldn’t fight the disease any longer…understand that people might not want to see the body, we recommend a closed casket and don’t Worry we can bury her here on the property for a small fee…but understand we have to put her in the ground now because we don’t have the proper facility to store her body on site and it will save you money… we just mark the graves with numbers and store the cemetery recorded here at the hospital…and we will take care of everything for you as quickly as possible so you and you’re family can move on with your lives”

    Some had said Somewhere that They were Confuzed about Why Edwin Shaw was Sooo Haunted….Well I Hope that This Answers your Question.

    • Me and a group of people go up there regularly to investigate. It is a very eerie feeling going up the hill and seeing the hospital in the dark. We have many experiences. One time my buddy was not himself becoming very dizzy and at times getting aggressive. we investigated the main lobby of the building on the the second floor view the lobby. We had emf reader which was going insane at the time once we were going to leave we heard a voice say woo hoo which was very eerie. We have never gotten such high readings with that device in that area since that day. Also we once got high readings in the morgue in the basement. It was chilling the last time we went where we had caught on our evp multiple growls which were disturbing. The only things I’ve heard in the sunshine village party is a visual of a blonde women with glowing eyes and a white dress. The most chilling experience I’ve had is seeing a patient with o gown standing in one of the rooms in the main building u could see there was no feet but u could see the figure was skinny and wearing a hospital gown. I would love to see a professional group such as TAPS or Ghoast adventures investigate it in the near future

      • Please. If you’re still checking this site regularly… Please get in contact with me. The date is October.24th. I saw that you last posted in July. However I first visited in May of 2015. I have videos of my personal tour. The most recent date I have attended Edwin Shaw was tonight. If you are available anyway. Please reach me. I’m in the Akron Area and have had some raw disturbing things happen

        • Do you know If there is anyway to get ahold of someone and legally get permission to view the hospital?

        • The Edwin Shaw building and Sunshine Center is now a restricted area with no truspassing and is constantly patrolled by the local police. It is an amazing beautiful building. I have pictures and have spoke with people who once lived there as children.
          I have other stories and pictures I do not wish to share.
          I do not think it is haunted it is still alive in it’s own way with some good spirits.
          I would love to see these buildings salvaged and the sunshine center restored for something. I hear that there are plans to demolish the buildings. This can not happen.

          • I am one of the children that stayed at sunshine village. Later called anderson village. in one of the video’s it show’s the inside of the cottage i stayed in. It was chilling.

          • If you are still checking this page, I would like to talk to you about pictures and the people you know who lived there. My family lived in the sunshine cottage as children.

          • My friends and I go to Edwin Shaw almost every week multiple times a week. I will say that the place has a very eerie feeling anytime of the day you go. At night of course it’s much creepier with the lack of light and the long dark hallways around every corner. My first time going into Edwin Shaw I just felt sick thinking about the patients that had died there and I was frightened that I would see something or be caught going in there. After that I was fine and go there all the time. We do hear things which is hard to determine what it is because there are always other groups of curious people throughout the building. This week though two friends of mine and I went into the building and it was their first time. We went around 11:00 am so it was pretty early yet and there were no other people in the building. We stayed there for hours in search of one piece of evidence that there was any type of presence but we didn’t find what we were expecting to find. I, however, started to feel sick, sad and agitated during our investigation. It was 84 degrees out we were in the for 4 hours and it was starting to get intense. Last week we were going through the halls in the lower level and I felt like we were being watched and all of a sudden this sense of dread came over me. I just wanted to fall to my knees and cry. My emotional state was scaring those around me. I’ve never been one to just feel like crying out of nowhere. That same feeling came about when I was with my other friends this week. It’s so odd to feel empathy for people you didn’t know or have no idea who you are feeling empathy for. So a few days go past and my friend and sister and I decide lets go back at night… So we go like the curious people we are and we all feel very uneasy and scared. The walk there past sunshine cottage and the walk back was the worst 20 minutes of my life. I honestly thought something was going to happen to us. Then my sister and her friend start running… I was so confused.. not sure what we were running from but I didn’t feel the need to ask at the moment so I followed. When we got back to the car my sister and her friend seemed terrified, their eyes were large, their breaths heavy just looking at each other. They saw a woman in the woods in a white dress. Just like the story above. After reading the story above I knew it was confirmation that it really happened.

    • OMFG Kovacs, you are a freak freak freak!! Have you been pink slipped lately to Kevin Coleman? you are making me literally laugh my ass off at your craziness!!!! You must be on some great drugs to have “dreams” like this. LOLOL nutty bitch!

      And Why Must You Type Like This & Capitalize The First Letter of Words that Aren’t Supposed To Be Capitalized?? LMAO

      • Jerk. She was just sharing her experience. No need to be so hostile towards someone you don’t even know. If you really couldn’t stand her typing style or what she was saying, then you shouldn’t have read her comment. Don’t be an ass to someone sharing something they feel is important. And if you really MUST express your opinion, at least be polite about it.

        Besides, personally I think her story was very interesting. And when it comes to the paranormal, you never know…

    • I was a resident of the cottages in 1989. I was sent there from cleveland. I was in the cottage at night. Then the sunshine cottage in the day. This was called daycare. I remember hearing our counselors talking about the sound of children in the main break room. Which had a big stone fireplace. Me and a buddy that was also staying there would sneak out. We came across the overgrown cemetary. Just small markers with numbers. There were a couple that had actual stones with a name and dates but only a couple. I nevet actually saw or felt anything. But i took it as fun to scare everyone else in my cottage. I remember the tunnel. It was almost sealed. But the top two layers of cinder block were never completed so you could look in. Old rusty beds on wheels kind of creepy cause we were told thats where the children who died fro tb were wheeled to the main building so as not to freak everyone else out. Hey Rob if thats you im the dude from cleveland we used to play football against the gym teacher there and we went to that cemetary remember the burlap sack we found?

      • When I was young my grandpa worked there and took me in the tunnel under the Sunset Cottage and I would like to find it Do you remember how to get to where it is blocked off and I have stayed in the Cottage by the graveyard in 2007

  3. Me and a group of four others visited this place just the other night. Apon entering the main facility, we observed many messages spray painted on the walls, most relating with death. We first visited the basement and morgue, where at least I, felt like I was being watched the entire time. We continued onto the next floor where we found a shower room of some sort. We stood in the room for a brief moment, I’d say about a minute or so in dead silence and pitch darkness. Three of the five of us heard what sounded to be a rusty door opening and closing, followed by footsteps. I did not hear any of this, but when later reviewing a video recording one of us had, it is barely noticeable, however, the sound was there. This freaked me out, almost as if whatever made the noise selectively wanted the three that heard, to hear. Afterwards, we continued exploring the floor we were on, and shortly afterwards leaving to relocate to another facility. We approached the “Sunshine Village” orphanage chain smoking cigarettes in an attempt to calm ourselves (In my opinion, I was still freaking out, and am sure the others were as well.) We entered the front door and entered a room with a stair case to the left and hallway straight ahead. We continued forward down the hallway, peering into the rooms as we passed which were destroyed by what I honestly hope was vandals; wall paper ripped off walls, pieces drop ceiling tiles on the floor along with glass and evidence of past people who visited. We entered one room and attempted to contact something or someone once again, this time with a walkie-talkie (I know, its no EMF reader, but worth a shot) and a cell phone recording audio. It was in complete darkness and complete silence as we did before in the shower room. We heard footsteps outside of the room along the hallway, but saw nothing. I feel like I should mention that this was all at night roughly 11pm-2am and saw no evidence that anyone else was there other than us. We remained there for a minute or so longer before heading onward to the gymnasium. As we viewed around looking for anything strange, we heard creaking of the floor boards of the stage we were just on. We surveyed the area with flashlights, even during the sound but still, found nothing, We continuing back the way we came to scale the stair case we saw when we first entered. The second floor of the orphanage was the freakiest and most questionable part of the orphanage I feel like I experienced. While looking around, we came across a closet maybe 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep and 6 or 7 feet tall. Inside this closet were more messages left by assumably past visitors one reading “Man came silently into the earth”; creepy?.. What stood out from me was a hole in the closets wall that was plastered over, assuming that it was plastered over when the facility was still in use, it seemed as if it was a time out closet of some sort for children that may have been bad and “needed” to be punished, and were locked inside for god knows how long, and attempted to escape by busting through the walls. Also, in the plaster was a little kids hand print left there when the plaster was still drying. Fucking freaky. By this time we were worried about our vehicle possibly getting towed/cited so we left the building and the property. Although we didn’t see anything in person, I believe this place is very haunted. Viewing the videos we captured revealed many orbs and some strange sounds. I would love to return with better equipment to better explore and contact anything that’s willing. I would recommend visiting this site if you’re interested, however, I do not want to be held responsible for any harm that may come to you and your friends, because this place is insane. There are roads and homes close to the property, so I ask that you please respect the area and its belongings so not to attracted any unwanted civil authority or worse, piss off anything that many reside there. With this being the end of my story though, I’d like to say I really enjoyed my visit and was thoroughly excited by all the of the things that remained. This place is a haunted wonder of Ohio. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at dreed1994@gmail.com

    • I lived in Sunshine Village as a kid, we would explore the woods behind Herman and Kramer halls. You could hear screams there at times and hear ruffling sounds like someone running there. The main building where the gym is located at, we knew that it was haunted we never went around it late at night

    • You should not tell people they should go there. I agree to but, there is no tresspassing signs all over. The Springfield police department have started keeping a very close eye on this place. I got stopped once coming out of there. So if you enter, if caught, you will probably get a trespassing ticket. Just a heads up!

      • Hey! I’m going there tomorrow, so even if it’s your first time getting caught doing anything like this do you think you’ll get a ticket?

        • You do know that it is a no trusspassing area now. Just heads up they are patrolling for people. Entering the buildings on the property is now considered breaking and entering. Also very forbidden.

        • WARNING this property is now No Truspassing and no one is permitted to enter the buildings. Property is patrolled every night even the grounds.
          People are causing these building to be demolished by breaking into them. This can not happen, these building need saved more than you could ever imagin.
          Real ghost hunters respect properties and the owners rights.

  4. Very creepy at night. we explored only the first floor of the hospital. Very interesting on the inside. Soon we heard very faint footsteps upstairs as we told a spirit or something to prove they were with us. Before leaving we asked again “If your with us and you want us to leave give us a sign.” 20 seconds past and a door slammed shut. Echoed quite a bit as well. Going back this weekend.

  5. I went there today and me and some friends were looking around and went to the sunshine cottage. We were in there upstairs and looked into this closet and on the ceilings there were kid footprints. It was freaky. We went to the main building and explored the tunnels. My friend had a test tube that he found in a room down there that said “caution poisonous”. It was creepy. Theres a room down there that has a sponge and electirc chair too.

    • By the closet u mentioned there is a door and when u are in it the door will open all the way and then close i was there today and experienced it myself the feet u talked about are painted one there by people trying to scare others or by the children that lived there

  6. I went up there during the day (drove through the golf coarse) it was very sad to see. Been wanting to go back at night but don’t want to take the risk of getting caught

    • Me and my friends went their a few days ago we was looking around saw nothing their so we left as we were I lost my wallet so we went back on we’re we explore never found it so the next day me and my friend went during the day still didn’t find it but when I took a picture and look at it closely their was a face and I showed my friend he he was like their is if you’re planning on going their a place were you can park at so you don’t get caught best thing to do is run fast as hell to not be caught hopefully to go inside to see what’s their and maybe I’ll find my wallet or someone brings it to me.

  7. I went their a few days ago with some friends we went at night and we never once saw a ghost or anything while we was looking but when we went this one way it got colder real fast but I didn’t think it was anything so we kept waking we never went in side cause my friend said their something in their that alert the police to know people our their so we never went we stayed out and was walking went to the front of the building and the wind was blowing and the broke windows still had blinds on them and they were moving kinda of spooky so we were getting ready to leave and my friend went on the golf course and had fun as we left I notice my wallet was gone so we went back never found it that night it was weird so the next day me and my friend went back try find it during the day we never found it sadly so we were taking picture and the one picture I took I saw something and I showed my friend so it could be haunted but me and my friends our planing go back their but with women maybe we’re go inside and I’ll bring you my feed back from that.

  8. Me and 3 other female friends went all together during the day. We had a weird encounter when in the basment area we heard a loud band and a huge burst of cold air that made our hair blow back on the final stair well. Another encounter was in one corador the firm smell of lemon cleaning product was present for no reason. At one point 2 of us went into one room and the other 2 into the patient room next door and we heard running water(all water is shut off) and neithet of us turned on a foustet later we made it ti an open area and ran into a grouo of 12 year olds trying yo scare us after they went to a differnet area we heard more running water we yelled at them and they didnt reply after 10 minutes we got scsred because we saw them thro the windows in the roof…we heard the water on the bottom floor…

  9. I had friends that I went to Springfield with in 87 that lived in Anderson Village cottages on the west side of Edwin Shaw property, everything is abandoned now, time took its toll on the 6 cottages when I was last there in 2015. it just reminds me on how time changes thing really fast. my grandparents past away in Edwin Shaw in 2000 and every time i drive past ES it sadden me. life is short, enjoy why you can. RV

  10. Does anyone know where I could possibly find a map of the grounds. I was there yesterday and the things I saw and heard and felt were absolutely crazy. I want to go back and but I want to have a layout of where I’m walking. My emails is emilyschvon@gmail.com

    • The only way is to sneak in undetected… or fine soneone with a lot of money to buy the place… i talked to a police officer the other day whos been there… she seems cool. Said the basement n tunnel are creepy. Thats how they took the bodies out. Through a tunnel underneath so that no one could see how many people were mysteriously dropping like flies!

  11. Recently I have visited the old Edwin Shaw hospital, there are many ways to get into the hospital the most efficient is just to use one of the fire escape stair cases. I visited with a few friends from 12am to 3am and I can’t wait to go back. I have not experienced anything, but the tunnels in the basement are super creepy. If you get the chance take a minute to go to the roof where you can see the whole hospital it’s truly an amazing place to visit! There are reports of the hospital being torn down soon. Not sure of the date so visit soon. I have tones of pictures, but am unable to share them when I figure it out i will asap!

  12. Just to authenticate we had a house mom and dad who were a retired couple and then couselors at the cottage down the hill. Then in the day we went to the sunshine cottage where we had multiple counselors. Dont remember names but one counselor looked like shaggy from scooby doo. If dan is the dude i think he is a lefty

  13. They have started tearing the place down now. 5 of the 13 cottages have been torn down. The main part of the hospital will be torn down in June. Security is very tight now. They are from a private security company and you can’t get close to the place now.

  14. I have a picture we took there about 3 years ago. Contact me..you want to see this! Little girl in a window. Holding a teddy bear or a baby doll. There is no mistaking what you see in this picture! And it was definitely NOT photo shopped. Our most prized picture by far. Wi)ing to let you share it with your viewers. Toronto Psychic Services has also listed pictures I’ve taken.

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