Crybaby Bridge: Rogue’s Hollow

(Orig. Published 3/2003)

Sprawled across Medina and Wayne Counties, Rogue’s Hollow is famous for its classic tales and legends of mill ghosts, devils, and headless horses.  It’s hardly surprising, then, that this ghost town also happens to have its own crybaby bridge.  The legend(s) can be summarized as follows:

A young woman–unmarried and jilted by her lover–threw her baby over the bridge and into the cold river below.  Go there on any given night, and you will hear the gurgling cries of the poor baby.

Another variation of the Rogue’s Hollow crybaby bridge states that a newborn baby and his parents were killed after their car hit black ice and crashed into the icy river.  While the parents were killed instantly, the baby died much later, from starvation.  At midnight, you can still hear the baby, crying for his parents.

Note of Warning:  Rogue’s Hollow (including the old infrastructure) is mostly situated on park land that is owned and maintained by the Chippewa Historical Society, and is only open to the public during the summer season.  During off-season and at night, it is considered private property, and several “No Trespassing” signs are clearly posted.  Please, show some respect and refrain from going into this area until it is officially opened. Check out the link below for the Rogue’s Hollow historical society  for dates and times before making the trip out. (Ed. 10/2012)

For historical information on Rogue’s Hollow, check out the “official” Rogue’s Hollow Historical Society Website.

For interesting tales and legends surrounding Rogue’s Hollow, check out Forgotten Ohio and Creepy Cleveland’s Rogue’s Hollow sections.

9/11/05: The coolest (or most evil) stepmother in the world takes Dumbchica and her friend on a terror ride through Rogue’s Hollow.

Just last night, I had a friend spend the night at my house. Around 11:30, my stepmom and stepsister, who had been staying with me that night, started telling my friend and I stories about Rogue’s Hollow. The more they told us about it, the more I wanted to go. I had never heard of this place before.  I have heard of crybaby bridge, but I had no idea it was so close to where I live.

After all the story telling, I was convinced that I had to go. So all four of us jumped into the car and made our way to Rogue’s Hollow. My friend and I were in the back seat.  Once we arrived, you could just feel the difference in the mood.

They took us to crybaby bridge first. We turned off our car and listened.  I was a little freaked out.  So my friend and I were in the back seat huddled together with my head in her lap. All I could hear were animals until, at once, I heard a very loud screech come from under the bridge.  It sounded like something metal was coming up the side of the bridge.  As my stepmom yells, “TURN ON THE CAR, LETS GO!”, it stopped.  So, so we turned off the car again (this time with my window up) and once again we heard it.  We hurried and drove away.

We then drove to the actual Rogue’s Hollow bridge, and got up the courage to actually get out and walk around, clenching onto the flashlight. We made our way onto the bridge, but nothing really happened there.  But, we did see 2 trains coming at each other at the same time.  Yet, nothing happened.  I was just reading other stories of the “ghost train” so who knows…

7/19/04: Bobby shares an interesting version of the crybaby bridge legend:

I grew up in Norton, Ohio, and as a teen, spent lots of time in Rogue’s Hollow. The story I learned was different from your two versions.   I heard the family house was caught on fire in the middle of the winter. The mother grabbed the baby, whose clothing was on fire, and took it to the river to douse the flames. In her panic, she drowned her baby. Her wails can be heard, along with the crying baby, when you shut off your parked car on the bridge. It is said your car won’t restart.

I was always too afraid to try it!

4/7/04:  Strange white lights and the image of a woman holding a baby…these are just a few of the sights witnessed by BoccGirlat Rogue’s Hollow:

I just wanted to share an experience we had last summer. It was really late and our neighbors are really into the paranormal as am I. My husband Jim just tags along to make me happy. Anyway, as with most people who grew up around here, we used to frequent Rogue’s Hallow as kids. We were really bored and  decided to pile into their van and go down there for old time’s sake. As always, we stopped down at the bridge by the Historical Society. In all the years that we went there, nothing other than the locals getting pissed has happened.  Disappointed, we drove around, deciding to explore it some more.

We decided  since all the bridges run over the same water, we would explore the other bridges.   Now, as soon as we drove over this one, our blood ran cold. My daughter woke up out of a sound sleep and cried, saying she wanted to go home. Because we passed over it, we had to turn around. Amanda turned the van around and we  parked on the bridge, rolling down all the windows to see if we could hear anything. She left the lights on, but they kept dimming in and out, and I felt really strange.  I asked if anyone else was feeling anything, when to the right of  the van…there was an ear piercing, hideous scream that sounded neither like a man or any animal I have ever heard in my life. We all screamed, even the two men who are both close to thirty. Needless to say, we left. Twice we passed over the bridge and every time my daughter would wake up and cry. That did nothing to calm our fears about the place.

Twice, I have went back there.  I’m just too curious. The second time, we got out of the van, although I will tell you it takes some serious gumption just because of the stark terror that comes over you there. Walking onto the bridge takes every amount of courage in me. Standing there and looking over the right side of the bridge, Chris and I heard what sounded like whispering coming from nearby. We also noticed a white light moving down the shallow river. Fireflies glow yellow and they flicker…this light is steady and white. Every time we have went and got out of the vehicle, you feel instantly cold and several of us have felt something touch us.

The last time we went, I was feeling quite brave. The light was clearly visible down river and to the right. I walked over to the left side of the bridge and stared, seeing if I could see anything. This is where it gets interesting, if you want to believe local legend. This was in the summer, but, looking at the reflection in the water to the left of the river bank, the trees and everything make quite an eerie shadow. If you look, you will see what looks like a woman with her hair in a bun and a high necked dress holding out a swaddled baby in front of her. That is an intense image and you have to wonder….

We drove around for a while, trying to forget about the odd reflection and before we left, we stopped at the bridge one more time. This time, we got out and looked for the light. It had moved to the left side of the bridge and I swear on everything I own, that as we stood there looking at it, it began moving back towards the bridge where we stood. Needless to say, we all ran back to the van and got the hell out of there.

I’m sure with summer coming and since I got a digital camera, I will be going back. I want to get to the bottom of whatever is out there on that bridge. We suspect we have located the real haunted bridge in Rogue’s Hollow. I will take pictures both during the day and at night and send them in. If anyone else is nterested in seeing this place for themselves and seeing if they agree…I will be more than happy to send in directions.

Happy haunting!

3/31/04: Janelle shares some creepy stories and her own experiences at the infamous hollow:

Back in high school, there used to be a spot that we all would frequent. Rogue’s Hollow specifically. We used to go driving around out there.

As with many other urban legends it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is actual historic fact.

There are stories of a “devil ghost” that would haunt this one tree that overhung the road. The stories were that he’d jump down onto your car and try and cause an accident. That limb has since been removed and the stories about the devil have ceased.

There is also a ghost train.  It is said that if you drove over the tracks at exactly midnight on a specific night, your car would die.  You wouldn’t be able to get out or start it and you’d see the train coming.  The train would then disappear right before it would hit you. That actually happened to a group of my friends one night. I am inclined to believe them because of who was there. I know he wasn’t accustomed to making up stuff and not one word of the story differed between the 4 people that were in the car.

There are also stories of a witch that used to live in the hollow. There’s a barn that was said to be where she lived, or at least where she used to perform her “rituals”. The barn is actually still there. There’s another story of the witch that says she’d sacrificed some children as part of her rituals. There’s also a story that the house next to Cry Baby Bridge was home to some satanic worshippers at one point in time. We were actually chased out there once by some people who came out of that house which I believe now is home to the Rogue’s Hollow Historical Society.

My story is a little weird – not really a “ghost” story exactly, as I didn’t see any. However, it was very freaky!  My sisters and I were taking some friends home to Doylestown one night after being at the local Rollercade all evening. I decided to take the long way and go over Cry Baby Bridge, not an unusual thing to do. I was driving a 1981 Pontiac Catalina – basically a boat on wheels! Immediately after crossing the bridge, my headlights started to act weird. They went from normal to bright, to normal, to parking lights and then off, then back up to parking lights, normal, then bright and back down again and continued to do this for several days. I took my car to a mechanic who could find nothing wrong with the electrical wiring. I then decided to drive back over the bridge – after doing that – the lights died completely. My dad replaced the bulbs and they were fine.

One night not too long after that, my cousin’s friend, who lived about 2 miles from the bridge, had a sleepover.  My cousin, the friend, and I snuck out of her parents’ house and went to meet some boys down at the bridge. That was the creepiest walk EVER. We agreed to meet them at 12am. We got to the bridge shortly after that, only to find that they ditched us. We didn’t hear a baby cry or anything remotely close to that, but we all felt a presence. A very heavy, sad feeling was felt by all of us. It was very strange and hard to describe. Really freaked us out! Needless to say we left rather quickly. Nothing else happened on the way back to her house. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been there, even though I still live less than 10 miles away. I’ve taken up “ghost hunting” recently and will be returning to Rogue’ s Hollow to take some picture and go to the various spots and see what I can feel/see/sense and hopefully capture something in some pictures. If I find anything, I will share it with you. We’re going to go out there soon. We’d like to go on Friday the 13th or a full moon. I wish I could find something that would  shed some light on an actual date that the woman drowned her baby – but from friends who claimed to hear the baby cry – it was a full moon or a Friday the 13th that they heard it. I would LOVE to get an EVP of that!

13 thoughts on “Crybaby Bridge: Rogue’s Hollow

  1. Yes I have been to one of the bridges, not the one by the caretaker house. And one of my friends and I got out ofthe vehicle and walked to the bridge. Standing on the bridge I told her to listen closely, i heard whispering . Then the moment was ruined my wife came running up with a burning paper yelling “I got light!”

    • Where is this place at is it off of clinton rd,or off of comment rd i tryed to find it but im not to sure where it is

      • It is off Clinton road. Rouges Hollow is only on one side of the road, and there is no stop sign by it. Its somewhat long, and eventually there is a right turn into a road, or you can go straight into what looks sort of like a really creepy gravel driveway. on the other side is a pretty treacherous hill, so be careful driving. once you get down the hill, there’s a small parking lot and a house. When i went, there was a white van in front. There’s also a pavilion. the bridge is right there.

  2. been there quite a few times. nothing ever happened. pretty lame. weird old town that’s about it. nothing special other than myths that surround it.

  3. After seeing some of the above posts, I have to share some of my experiences. There’s something seriously off about this place. A few of the posts above are almost exact accounts of some of my adventures in the Hollow and surrounding areas. I grew up about three miles away, so as soon as I got my driver’s license, my friends and I were constantly screwing around down there. Most of the time, it’s just a dark and twisty drive through a wooded area that is slowly being consumed by urban sprawl. However, there have been several different occasions that have left my companions and I severely rattled.

    Some of our stories have been pretty mild, like the ghostly orbs we’ve seen bouncing along the surface of the river from one of the bridges or the “ghost train” we experienced one night at exactly midnight. By that I mean, that two friends and I sat by the tracks and at exactly midnight the lights started flashing, the safety rails went down, and we heard a train…but it never appeared. Also notable (though not so much creepy as suspicious) was the experience I had last night when I drove through there with some friends for old time’s sake. As we drove down the road near the historical society right by one of the Cry Baby Bridges, we came upon a white car sitting off the road and partially in the woods. When our headlights shone into the car, we saw that there was a woman sitting in the car starting blankly at us. Some of my more chilling experiences involve a piercing “scream” which sounded neither human nor animal that my friends and I head from right outside out car window. As well as the time my brother’s gas pedal was pushed down on it’s own.

    My most notable experience happened two years ago on a summer night when I decided to tag along with my younger brother and his friends one night. Feeling bold, we stopped our cars on the metal bridge on Hametown road that crosses over the water just after the railroad tracks. We got out and took pictures (many of which have “orbs” in them) and were just screwing around when one of my brother’s friends claimed to have seen someone crouched in the tall grass at the edge of the bridge. We had a large group, so we assumed it was one of ours and started heading towards the crouched figure. As soon as we did, whatever it was bolted and ran into the trees by the river. Thinking nothing of it, we went under the bridge and started goofing around. Throwing rocks, etc…when a rock flew towards us from the other side. Confused, we looked across the water and saw to points of glowing red light. It was at this point that we realized something was up and bolted up the hill back towards the vehicles. In the confusion, one of our members got separated from the main group. We waited in our started vehicles for him to catch up. As soon as he came into view (with no one else around him) we heard him cry out and saw his head jerk back. When he finally got in the car, the light revealed that his lip was fat and bloody as if someone had punched him in the face. Finally able to leave, I took off in the my car first since I was leading. When I got off the bridge, my brother was not behind me. I called him on my cell and he told me that while he was on the bridge he had lost all control of his truck and had to push it off the bridge where it immediately started to run just fine.

    I don’t know about all the Cry Baby Bridge stuff and all the other legends surrounding Rogue’s Hollow, but I can definitely say that it is a very old place with a lot of history that makes it intriguing and mysterious.

  4. I looked through past comments & stories, & did not see that anyone has yet mentioned that the Rogues Hollow area in which Crybaby Bridge is actually not located anywhere near Medina County, as mentioned in your description, but rather the 2 counties in which it lies are Wayne County with also a smaller portion of the area being in Summit County.

  5. It sounds like the bridge that BoccGirl and maybe some of you others might be describing is in a different location than the bridge that’s in the historical park. Where is it?

  6. Ive been to rogues hollow on several occasions and never had a dull moment. About four years ago me and three friends all decided out of the blue to head out there one night and try our luck at hearing the baby cry. Nothing. But as we were leaving we all saw the same person out jogging 4 separate times going different directions every time. This is about 3:30 am. About a month after that we went back for the fun of it. Again nothing until we were leaving when qe got pulled over by a cop in a really old jeep. Never once got out of his car and kept the brights on the whole time. After about five to ten minutes of sitting behind us he pulls on to the road and rounds a corner so my buddy tries to follow him to see what was going on only for the jeep to be nowhere in sight. It was a straight stretch of road for a good mile or two and this jeep vanished.

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  8. Been there a alot of times when I was younger. Nothing happened then I come to find out recently, I have been going to the wrong bridge lol. Seriously.

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