Crybaby Bridge: Newton Falls

(Orig. Published 6/2003)

Located in Trumbull county in Newton Falls, this historic covered bridge is the site of yet another horrific infanticide.  The bridge was built in 1831.  It is the second oldest covered bridge in Ohio.  It is still used today, as a one-lane access road to a trailer park on the other side.

As the legend goes, in the late 1800’s, a young mother threw her infant over the bridge and into the Mahoning River below. Apparently, she was trying to hide her pregnancy from the community.  The river swept the baby under the bridge, where it drowned.

It is said that you can still hear the baby’s cries coming from underneath the bridge.

Research failed to turn up any information regarding the death of a baby at this location in the 1800’s.  The closest incident we found involved two river drownings from a car accident in the 1950’s on Newton Falls Road, but not at this location.

Furthermore, it may have been a little difficult for the mother to accomplish the deed from the bridge itself, as there were no openings on either side of the bridge at that time.  She would have had to do this from the river banks.

The walkway connected to the bridge (pictured here) was not built until 1929.  Interestingly, the walkway was built to protect children from traffic.  Before then, the bridge was heavily used by both vehicles/buggies and pedestrians, making it especially dangerous for children to pass through. 

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