Crybaby Bridge: Helltown

(Orig. Published 5/2003)

Of course, Helltown has a crybaby bridge. The actual story is a little fuzzy on the details– at some point in the past, a child was supposedly thrown off the bridge and died in the Cuyahoga river below.  

However, the story is not nearly as important as the experiment itself. The rules of this bridge are the most complicated.  The following steps must be followed exactly–miss one, and the experiment will fail:

1. Bring along a spare set of car keys.
2. Go there at night.
3. Park the car on the bridge.
4. Turn off the car.
5. Put your other set of car keys in your pocket.
6. Get out of the car.
7. Lock the doors.
8. Walk away from the bridge.
9. Wait “a while.”
10.  Go back to your car.  

Upon returning, the car will be mysteriously running, and you will find dusty child’s footprints on the outside of your car.

The bridge is located off of Riverview Road, and leads into Boston Township.  The bridge that exists there is quite new.  It was built in 1999, replacing a much-older covered bridge that was repeatedly damaged by floods and other elements.  The new bridge was constructed using the original piers and abutments, which can still be seen around the foundation.

While exploring underneath the bridge, we discovered these suspicious-looking footprints that, initially, may have solved the “mystery” of Helltown’s crybaby bridge. . . .

. . . . but only minutes after first assigning blame to the local wild turkeys and raccoons, we came upon this weird find on the wall next to the sandy paw prints . . . .

Guess there’s some truth to the legend after all.

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