Crybaby Bridge: Gore Orphanage

(Orig. Published 10/2008)

Gore Orphanage (aka Swift’s Hollow) has everything else a spook seeker could want, so why not a crybaby bridge?

Connecting the ruins of the orphanage to the old Swift Mansion, the bridge also seems to be a conduit for the tortured souls of children who are said to have perished in the legendary orphanage fire.  Whether this is true or not is not nearly as interesting as the legend itself.

There are at least two variations of this crybaby bridge tale; actually, more like experiments.  Not surprisingly, they bear some similarity with other crybaby bridges in Ohio, such as the one located at Helltown. Both versions are described as follows:

Version #1:

1.  Park your car on the bridge.
2.  Turn off the engine and get out.
3.  The painful cries of children will be heard along the river near the bridge.
4.  You will also hear the crackle of a fire off in the woods.
5.  The negative spiritual energy will prevent your car from starting.
6.  You must push the car off the bridge before you will be able to  re-start your car.

Version #2:

Park your car in the center of the bridge.  Leave your keys in the ignition and exit the car.  Once you get off the bridge, the car will start itself.  Unexplained lights and ectoplasm may materialize around you, if you’re lucky and the spirits are feeling particularly playful (or evil).  When you return, children’s handprints will be found on the car.

Much like the Egypt Road bridge, satanic rituals are rumored to be practiced on this bridge.  While we regret to report that we found no evidence of blood sacrifices during our several visits to this site, some innocuous spray painted graffiti might–if you squint your eyes and stretch your imagination enough–conjure vague images of weird goings on.  Mostly, though, it’s just bad art.

3 thoughts on “Crybaby Bridge: Gore Orphanage

  1. This summer my husbanf and I are going to go to some places that are suppose to be haunted.My Son works at mental hospial some where in that area,it use t o be called Twin Valley Mental Hospital.Has anyone ever heard of it?Part of the hospital is colse down butin the past they had many suicide so there has to be alot spirits roaming around

  2. I thought I saw a ghost in the one of the bridge that s just the bridge rail. my eyes may be diseaving me. Wish I could circle it.

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