Crybaby Bridge: Crystal Springs

(Orig. Published 8/2003)

This creepy-looking iron bridge can be found just outside of Canal Fulton in the small town of Crystal Springs.  It stretches over the Tuscarawas River and lies next to railroad tracks that run alongside the river.  Originally, this was a small foot bridge that was destroyed by a flood in 1913.  Locals built a temporary swinging bridge, but that proved too dangerous for travelers. A permanent wooden bridge was then built, and the original iron grids seen below replaced the floor in the 1940’s.  The bridge is now part of the “Crystal Springs Bridge Park”, and is no longer accessible by vehicles. 

Interestingly, the railroad tracks have their own ghostly legend.  It is said if you drive down the road, turn onto the small access road and cross over the tracks toward the bridge, your car will stall “for no reason.”

The legend behind this crybaby bridge is particularly horrible.  A man lured his wife and their baby onto the bridge.  He hung his wife from the bridge, took the baby down to the river below and drowned the child.  

He then hung himself from the bridge’s girders.

A view from the top of the bridge looking down to the muddy Tuscarawas River.

A view from below the bridge, where the father supposedly killed his baby and then hung himself.

4 thoughts on “Crybaby Bridge: Crystal Springs

  1. Crystal Springs are my stomping grounds, my parents lived around the corner on Crystal Lake for 35 years. I lived there for 26 years, my friends and I would go hang out on the bridge all the time. I’ve never heard the story and nothing weird ever happened and we hung out there and around there A LOT. The little bridge right down the road, that goes over the canal and is across the street from Boca Grande Restaurant was a little creepy, but it has since been replaced. The bridge that was replaced use to set off to the side at the end of the parking lot down there, I don’t know if it’s still does. It’s a very peaceful serene area, nothing funky happened around there that I know of anyway. There was rumors of a ghost train that ran the tracks at midnight but I believe that was bogus as well.

  2. I went down there with my girl I crossed over the tracks and backed the truck up to the bridge it never stalled or anything but while we was on the bridge my girl felt nauseous and my feet was heavy like something was trying to stop me from crossing it. We did make it across the bridge but my girl felt a hand on her throat the whole time I didn’t feel anything when we got back to the truck I unlocked it with the button to shine some light my girl found hand prints the size of a 1 year old on the back glass when I turned around I seen a shadow figure dart across the bridge from side to side. My girlfriend didn’t feel better til we was back in canal Fulton far away from it. What made this the weirdest is the truck started right up but before I crossed the tracks I felt a rope around my neck and I had to stop on the other side of the tracks to get my breath back.

  3. What nonsense. Google “cry baby bridge” and you will find one in every county in Ohio. Not this one. I am a runner an a bike rider and I cross this bridge all the time. Nonsense. Quit spreading lies.

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