Crybaby Bridge: Abbeyville Road

 (Orig. Published 3/2003)

Not far from the Witch’s Ball, along Abbeyville Road near Medina, is this crybaby bridge, barely noticeable from the road.  Legend states that in the 1950’s, a young girl, in a desperate attempt to hide her pregnancy, threw her newborn baby into the river below.

It is said that if you visit the bridge at night, you will soon hear the baby’s gurgling cries.

Note:  Another crybaby bridge can be found in this area.  It is a railroad bridge located next to a church.  Supposedly, babies were thrown over the bridge by a “satanic cult” worshipping at the church.  It is said that that you will hear the sounds of babies crying, to warn of an approaching train.  It is also said that if you park your car under the bridge, it will not restart until it is pushed away from the bridge.  For obvious reasons, the church and bridge are not featured here.  Do not email us for directions–we prefer not to get sued.

UPDATES:10/27/04For those curious about the “other” crybaby bridge, check out this webpage sent to us by The Goo.

10/23/05: Todd encounters things infinitely more frightening than a crying baby in Abbeyville:

I have always been intrigued by the supernatural and by ghost stories in general. I have one in particular that has haunted me for some time. I was out with two of my friends one October night back in 1996 when I experienced a very strange and eerie encounter with “the unexplained”.

We had always heard of the legend of Cry Baby Bridge in Abbeyville (Valley City, Ohio) so we checked it out one Friday night (around 12:30am). As we approached the bridge, we saw a mysterious figure dressed in a white sheet on the side of the road just standing there. As we came closer to it, it looked almost transparent. The night was very windy and we thought that maybe it was just some debris that had fallen upon the trees, but it became clear to us that it was a figure of a human. The figure was pointing out into the distance. We looked to see exactly where it was pointing at. There was a church on the top of the hill (a very sinister-looking church) with a fire burning in the back. We turned to quickly look back at the figure, but it had disappeared. It made no sense. My friends decided to drive up the top of the hill, where the church was located. Inside the church, we could see a red glow coming out of the windows. There was a graveyard in the back to where we walked to and what we saw creeped us out. The fire that we saw from the bridge was actually a cross that was on fire. The cross was burning upside-down.

The three of us took off with our car and told the local authorities about it the following Monday. They investigated it that week but nothing came of it. I had talked to a priest years before at my church about unexplained phenomenon in the Medina area. The priest had explained that there are many wicked people in the area and several people belong to satanic cults-many of which are off of Marx Road and in Abbeyville. They kill children and murder animals and take part in witchcraft. The occult is something that is all around us.

9/14/05:  Amy and her friends get more than they bargained for while exploring the Abbeyville crybaby bridge area.  What part of “satanic” did they not understand? 

I have a very creepy story about both places named here.  My friends and I were at the bridge, parking in the church parking lot behind a wall so we couldn’t be easily seen. As we got out of the car, we heard really low, animalistic growls.  There were inhuman noises coming from inside the satanic church. There were no lights, and we headed quickly through the graveyard to the bridge. The first night (out of 3) was a full moon.  I fully admit, going through a graveyard on a full moon was a stupid idea, since I am extremely sensitive to certain “things.” 

We had a video camera with audio during the first 2 nights.  As we walked through the graveyard, we heard footsteps–not the light animal footsteps, but really heavy ones–all around us.

We got on top of the bridge & there was a light mist. As I looked towards my friend, a face appeared between my fiance and my best friend. I got freaked out and wanted to leave.

As we walked back to the car, the sanctuary was lit from the inside, including candlelight.  But by the time we reached the car, it was pitch black again.  (It was around 2 or 3 in the morning every time we left, so who could possibly be in the church?) Every night we returned, the same light incident would happen, pitch black & growls, lights as we walked back, pitch black when we reached our car.

On the third night, our last visit, we took pictures. It was a clear night, no fog, no mist, no clouds.  In these photos, there are quite a few unexplained images.

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  1. Sooo yea I live by there and the cult things not true but my friend s and I in 05-06′ turned our car off under the bridge I t wouldn’t start it was crazy…its weird not satanic tho! I grew up here I say its haunted as well as myrtle hill cemetery

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