Crybaby Bridge: Egypt Road

(Orig. Published 10/2003)

Hidden in the surrounding woods off of Egypt Road (Twp Highway 766) in Salem stands an old iron bridge that is the site of various tales of baby deaths, suicide, satanic activity and just plain weirdness.  On October 12th, 2003,  Groovie from Ghost Roads of Ohio and I made the road trip out to Egypt Road and did a little investigatin’. 

The bridge itself is not easy to find (we scouted the place in July 2003 and couldn’t find it).  It is located off of Egypt Road,  on an unnamed closed road beyond a rusty barrier (pictured above).  The barrier is not clearly visible from Egypt Road, and chances are that you’ll pass it before you see it.  To access the bridge, one must park at the entrance and walk the old road into the woods.  Sound familiar?

Judging from its looks, this place has been closed off for some time.  Trees and vegetation have grown over much of the bridge and road, and there are no street lights.  Night trips are not recommended.  Yet, even during the day, this is a pretty creepy place.

There are at least two versions of the crybaby legend.  In the first, a young couple were arguing, and did not notice that their baby had wandered off.  Before they could save it, the child fell off the bridge into the creek, where it drowned.  If you come here at night, you will hear the baby’s cries. 

In the other version, the child wandered away from its mother and fell off of the bridge.  The mother jumped into the water to save her baby, but both of them drowned.  When the father later came to the bridge looking for his family, he found their lifeless bodies staring face up through the water.  The father, in his panic to find help, ran down the wrong end of the road, into the dark woods.  He was never seen again.

The bridge is supposedly the site of some teenage suicides in the 1970’s.  Interestingly, while we were exploring the bridge, we found this graffiti bearing the names of a girl and boy and the year 1978. 

A piece of old rope was found tied to the support beams, dangling into the creek below.


Venturing across the bridge and further down the road, the pavement turned into a muddy trail.  Just beyond this section, the road seems to simply end–at an opening to a field.

Word has it that a strange “cult” was established in these woods about 20 years ago, although we cannot say whether it was satanic, pagan, or any other type. 

We did find the typical satanic pentagram graffiti that most bored  kids seem to spray-paint in abandoned places like this.  To provide some balance, someone else spray-painted bible scripture.

We found this dead snake in the middle of the road. However, no foul play is suspected.

It is said that many dead animals were found in the woods and on the road, sacrificed by the alleged “cult.” 

On the right, a close up of a tree that has managed to grow up and through the beams of the bridge.  If you look closely, you can see that the trunk of the tree has molded around the iron bar.  We’re not sure what connection it has with the legends, but it looked freaky enough.

Also check out Groovie’s own Egypt Road page on Ghost Roads of Ohio, which includes a spooky reference to the “Dark Man of the Forest.”  Many special thanks to Groovie for her assistance with locating the Egypt Road bridge.  

10/23/05: Jordy offers up even more creepy legends that would give any sane person pause before exploring Egypt Road Bridge:

Egypt swamps at the bottom of Painter Hill in Salem are said to be haunted by a lady known as “The Lady of the Blue Mist.” When the fog is out on some nights she apparently rises from the swamps.

There is also a bridge called Cry Baby Bridge.  There are many stories on this one.  The first story tells of a lady who throws her baby over the bridge. On some nights you can hear the baby crying. I’ve also heard one where the lady loses the baby and finds it at the end of the bridge.  As she is running over, the baby falls over the bridge. And once again, on some nights you can hear the baby crying.

Eygpt road is known to the locals as the haunted road. There is also a story of the Three Pyramids. Supposedly, when the fog and the light is just right, it looks like there are three pyramids on the swamps.

8/13/05: Nikki shares her creepy experiences and some information about this cursed bridge.

I live about 20 mins from the bridge itself and I went there last night for the first time. I did go at night…around midnight with 4 of my friends. We stayed on the bridge for a while then we walked the path that went further out.

In your article you talk about where that path ends at a field. That field is a strip mine from years ago. And if you keep going, there is a big hill out there.  That is the reason they had to close that road and bridge, because it was washing away too easily with the rain and snow.

I was looking at your pictures I’m not sure if you have been back here more recently, but it has changed some. Everything is more grown over and rusted. And there is still yet more graffiti. Also, the rope is still there, it has been there for many years. In addition, there was a cult down there about 18-20 years ago.  They did sacrifice many of the animals that they stole from neighboring farms. I was really young when that happened, but I do vaguely remember my babysitter taking me out there to see all of it.

I just thought I would share some of this information. And also to tell you that it is 100 times creepier at night. I did hear the sound of babies crying. The further you walk along that path beyond the bridge, the more you feel like you’re walking away from sanity. It is something I truly do not think I will ever forget as long as I live.  

2/23/05: Josh and his friend encounter ghostly headlights while exploring this infamous bridge:

My friend Alex and I decided to visit Egypt Road after reading about it online. We wanted to see if the rumors about hearing a baby cry were true, because supposedly you are supposed to be able to hear a baby crying at night at certain times. We went in the dark, carrying a flashlight for use if needed. The old road that comes off of Egypt Road is sort of hard to find, but finally we found the location and parked the car.


In order to block any traffic from coming onto the road, which has been closed for over 20 years, there are two gates. The first has a metal pin that goes through two holes in the gate, holding it shut. Once we stepped over the gate, we went down this asphalt path into the woods towards the bridge. The bridge itself is pretty close to the main road, but hidden enough that you won’t see it at first at night.

The bridge has a large pentagram drawn into the center of it, possibly because of the alleged cult activity that goes on there. If you look under the bridge, you can also see a rope that hangs down, which has been tied to the bridge supports. This was supposedly from a man who hung himself and committed suicide there, and the rope still hangs where it did on that day.

After inspecting the bridge, we continued down the road. I think that it goes on for quite some time, for a couple of miles at least… but it’s now covered with mud and we quickly turned back, not sure that there was any point in going forward.  However, when we reached the bridge and looked back into the woods in the road we had just come from, there were headlights there. They were about a mile out in the distance, but they were definitely on the old road that had been blocked off. They seemed to stay there for a while, and then they slowly dimmed and then went out.  This was the weirdest thing that happened, because there was no reason that a car would be down that road when it was mostly mud and hadn’t been used for years.

We walked back towards the cars, but when we arrived at that first gate, we were surprised to find that it was open wide, not closed like it had been earlier. And on top of that, the metal pin was totally missing. As we got in the car to leave, the headlights returned once again… either as a warning to not come back, or a goodbye, I don’t know… but it’s very possible that the former travelers on that road still drive there today…


5/2/04: Freda shares her tale of evil, morphing shadow “people” at the Egypt Road bridge.

One day, I went to Egypt Road with my friend and her family. Well, my friend and I were too chicken to go in the woods, so we stayed in the car with her mom.  Her dad and brother came running out of the woods screaming “there’s something back there”.  I said  “what?”  They said they saw a huge white fog with something black in the middle that keeps changing form.  I got really scared. Then, we all heard a moaning sound. We took off as fast as we could. Then out of the blue, there was a truck coming out of the woods.  The guy was speeding up closer to us like he was trying to ram us.  I got a good look at the driver.  He was a shadowy person and his face looked like it was “melted.” It scared us bad and before we knew it, we were safe and out.

24 thoughts on “Crybaby Bridge: Egypt Road

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  2. I traveled to the Egypt Road Crybaby Bridge for the first time last night with my girlfriend who actually used to live on Egypt Road (On “North Egypt Road”, the bridge is on “South Egypt Road”). It was getting close to being dark out since it’s the Winter and it was really cold so we didn’t get a chance to walk all the way down the road beyond the bridge but we did spend some time on the bridge itself and the road just past it and for only being there for 15 minutes or so we did observe some weird stuff.

    There were footprints in the fresh snow that started out of nowhere and led to the edge of the bridge and stopped. We don’t know where they started but it was somewhat weird, although they may have just been from someone else exploring the bridge recently and the fact that the wind has been blowing snow around which could have covered the rest of the footprints up. If you walk onto the bridge, they were towards the end of the bridge on the right and came from the direction of the scary road and hill.

    The weirdest thing was what we saw off in the distace. We both saw a set of headlights in the distance on the long road which I think I’ve read other people describe as well. They were definitely there when we first pulled up and got on the bridge but disappeared after a while. From what I understand/have heard from my girlfriend who had been there before the road leads to a swamp and an old, abandoned house which is supposedly the area where the cult activity took place.

    I’d love to contact the Salem Historical Society or go to the library and look at the newspaper archives from 1988 when it happened, it’s pretty interesting that there is fact intertwined with this urban legend.

    We also heard two thuds from under the bridge as well as what sounded like a twig or something snapping. I don’t know for sure if Crybaby Bridge is really haunted, but in going there with a pretty clear head I must say that it does have a creepy vibe. I’m looking forward to going back when it warms up this Summer.

    • I grew up 10 minutes from Cry Baby Bridge. Some of my favorite memories were sled riding down Reed’s Hill – the hill beyond the bridge. Nothing abnormal ever happened. There would be 15 to 20 of us sledding riding all day. It was a blast because the hill is really steep! This was in the 70’s. Egypt Road was also the route my bus took every day. The hills beyond the bridge are referred to as Blue Mountain and there are about 3 caves out by Reed’s Hill. My step father always told me that if you walk far enough into the caves, there is gas inside of them and you would pass out. There is also a cave in the woods off Painter Road called Devil’s Kitchen. My step father said they found bank robbers hiding inside it back in the day. We kids loved hiking in those woods! We would have water fights in the creek, catch salamanders, and ice skate in the ravines in the winter. We spent hours upon hours there! I will say that I don’t drive Egypt Road by myself much. I prefer to go the front way. And I have never been out there at night to experience any of the folklore. My husband and I did drive it one night at dusk on his motorcycle and it was beautiful.

    • I’ve lived on Egypt Rd about a quart mile from crybaby bridge for 23 years. All that stuff is fake. Oh and you can’t count your hand as a girlfriend

  3. Hi my name is Tiffanie and I just went to Egypt Road in Salem, Ohio on Monday, September, 1st and I went there with my mom and our Two friends and we were on the road driving and looking for Cry Baby Bridge and as we were driving you could see that all the trees on Egypt Road are all Dead, and it was 6 minutes to Midnight when we slowed down when we thought we had seen the Barrier to the bridge and we only stayed there for a few seconds but then we started Driving again but as soon as we started Driving me and my friend smelled burning Rubber so my mom drove a little down the Egypt Road until we came to a street light and a stop Sign and then my mom had to pull over and when we stopped my mom called a friend to have them come and help us and after she called our friend and he said that he will be on his way it took a little while before he got there but before he got there a bunch of Freaky stuff started Happening and we saw three shadow figures and they were watching us and at Midnight we did hear the Baby Crying and the sound of a Weeping woman the cries of the baby and the weeping woman were Really loud and we heard them 3 times and we saw the blue mist when we started walking up the Dark Road cause we knew that we weren’t far from Cry Baby Bridge when we heard the Baby Crying and the weeping woman so we Decided to go and try to walk up the road to find the barrier to the bridge and when we started walking we saw blue mist but we didn’t think much of it so we kept walking and as we were walking my mom and her friend flashed their flashlights in front of us and that’s when we all saw a huge Dark figure of the out skirts of the woods and the feeling of fear came over all of us and I was the only one that wasn’t scared at first so when we saw the figure we all started running back down the road to get back to the car and as we were running the blue mist was gone and while we were running my friend Sarah and her step mom and my mom were all far behind me cause I was the fastest runner but when my friend Sarah started Screaming and Crying really loud for us all to stop and wait for her so that she wasn’t behind all of us cause she was the slowest runner but anyways I was the only one that slowed down for her and speed walked with her while my mom and her step mom was still running in front of us so thank god that whatever that was behind us didn’t attack us, and also when my friend Sarah started Screaming and Crying really loudly for us No One Bothered To Come Out To Help Us!!! They Didn’t Even Turn On The Light’s It’s Like They Knew What Was Happening And They Were Scared To Come Out And Help!, and once we had all gotten back to the car my friend Sarah Decided to sit and wait in the car and when me, my mom and Sarah’s step mom were all waiting outside we decided to walk up to the stop sign to see if we could see if whatever was on the road was still there but we couldn’t see anything cause the Road was so Dark so we decided to walk back to the car and I opened the car door and checked up on my friend Sarah to see if she was ok and she said that while we were up looking to see if we could see if that thing was still there she said that she felt something bump the car and so I told my mom, and as we were still waiting for our friend to come me and my mom decided to stand and wait and Sarah’s step mom decided to sit on the car hood while Sarah was still siting and waiting in the car and as were all waiting Sarah’s step mom decided to call our friend to see if he was almost there and as she was on the phone with him we heard a really loud car engine and then we all seen a car speeding down the road and when it came to the stop sign it didn’t stop it just slowed down and kinda rolled past and as it was going past we all could see in the car and in the driver’s seat there was no one just blackness and there was something blurry and white in the backseat of the car and after that our friend finally arrived and he changed our tire and apparently when we stopped to see if we had found the barrier to the bridge something had slashed a hole in our tire and it wasn’t cut by a knife or a blade either cause it wasn’t a clean cut it was slashed open not cut something slashed a hole in our tire and it wanted us stranded there and whatever it was it did not have good intentions!!!

  4. My friends and I recently visited this cry baby bridge. I demand all of you to never step foot on this evil premesis. I heard a baby crying from the river and then we went to the bank to get a closer look. What we saw was terrifying. We saw a raccoon eating a small child. Struck with fear we began to panic. Then all of the sudden a pink mist came over us. and everyone died died

  5. I grew up in Salem my dad and I use to coon hunt here by cry baby bridge the road use to up up a steep hill we use to drive down it later it was closed off there are all kinds of stores on this road there was a person killed on this road

  6. You all make Salem look like a bunch of retards. Lay off the drugs, put on your man pants and stop being a lame. Billy I appreciate the effort playing mediocre music and clinging to the 70’s. Remember when gas cost a quarter, I bet you do.
    I’m from Salem, I’ve lived there all my life. I’ve been to Cbb many times both during the day and at night. Nothing weird happens there. No baby cries, no footprint appears in the snow and no Tiff it’s not a slasher film.
    But hey while I’ve got your attention, Tiff please do me a favor. I and all of society beg you please, DO NOT PROCREATE. With your obvious lack of ability to differentiate between reality and fiction, having a child with anyone other than Hawking will most likely result in a child as intelligent as Steve looks.

    • Excuse me, but I know the difference between reality and fiction and I know that what I saw that night was real! you can say and think whatever you want about me because I don’t care about what you say or think about me, I know what I saw that night was real! so why don’t all you stupid sons of bitches stop cyber bullying people and cowering behind a computer cause y’all don’t have the balls to say it in person, why don’t y’all just stop cause all your doing is making an Ass out of yourself! that road is in fact haunted and I do know the difference between reality and fiction and I know that what I saw that night was real! and I’m not just going let you insult me like that! so shut the fuck up and stop being an Asshole!! let people tell what they experienced out on the road and keep your mouth shut! just because you don’t think that the road is haunted doesn’t mean that it’s not and just because you don’t believe in spirits doesn’t mean that it’s not haunted, fact is. if you don’t believe in spirits or you don’t believe that the road is haunted does not mean that you can run your mouth and ruin everyone else’s experiences and make fun of them for telling people about it so if you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut and don’t ruin everyone else’s experiences, news flash but people go there for fun and just to see if what people say about the place is true or not and it doesn’t matter what you say cause people will say and believe whatever they want so just stop being an Asshole ~ T.

  7. I grew up on Painter Rd., which dead ends into Egypt Rd. I never heard of this, but if the incident with the mother, father and baby happened in 1988 that was after I had graduated and wasn’t in Salem much except. We occasionally would take Egypt Rd. to go to the mall the “back way” via North Lima, but never had an occasion to stop on the road and rarely went at night.

  8. A couple of years ago i went to cry baby bridge with some friends. I also seen the headlights i thought maybe it was a passing car but it just sat there until the headlights died away. I decided to be all tough and exot the car to walk on the bridge alone. At first nothing happened, it was around midnight and our intentions were to of course see what all the hype was about. I climbed on the sides of the bridge and walked around. Im not sure what time it was, but i did see the fog. No creepy shadow people (but i wasnt really paying attention to that) i just heard a ear splitting screaming first it was quite but then got so loud. It was terrifying. Needless to say i didnt stick around very long. I booked it to the car along with the friends that had joined me. I havent been back since. One time was good enough for me. There also is a graveyard somewhere around there worthy of visiting. I went on halloween our car died, the radio went haywire and when it finally started working we got stuck and it forced us to get out. One of the creepiest things to ever happen besides the bridge of course

  9. I grew up in the area and was around in the 80’s. Everything bad that happened got blamed on the cult, but I never heard of anything being tied to an actual cult. Rumors do get started somewhere and how that one ever came about I’m not sure. I would guess locals wanting to keep people from wondering around out there. Crybaby bridge got a lot of teenage visitors and it was a lot more of a threat to go out there when there might be a cult in the area. My boyfriend lived out there, so we spent a lot of time there and I have saw anything resembling a cult presence. Our car broke down one night late and we had to walk 3 miles down Egypt road (the times before cell phones). It was no doubt creepy to be out there, but we saw and heard nothing.

    I have visited cry baby bridge both at night and during the day. I never heard a baby cry, but I did experience misty fogs laying in isolated areas, and the vibe out at the bridge itself is very still and eerie. As of the early 90’s there was no cult graffiti so I would think that from the local teenagers trying to keep the story alive.

    The road was originally called West Pine Lake Road, and is no longer in use due to high voltage utility lines that run across the back areas of Egypt road.

    I took core samples from the area in an ecology class in high school. There is evidence of trash being dumped out there. Columbiana county was big for chemical dumping and contamination in a lot of the water regions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that was going on out there as well.

    There is a story about a barn being haunted not far from cry baby bridge. Last I knew it was still there and stands very close to the road and is easy to spot. I never saw the bloody horse head hanging as legends tells, but it goes along with the haunted lore of Egypt road.

    In the 2000’s there was a lot of crime stories to come from Egypt road, a murder/suicide in 2012, 2011 burned remains were found, 2010 the body of a 60 year old woman was found.

    Wikipedia has the coordinates to the location if anyone is interested and finding this place and taking a look around. If nothing else its a beautiful day out in nature

  10. This site is full of retarded comments. My friend and I go there all the time, near and after midnight. The crying baby sounds are just an opossum and coyote calls in the distance. All the rest is a figment of juvenile imaginations.

  11. So much of this is false. In the 60’s and 70’s and still today. I have hunted ,fished and roamed this whole area. The cry baby bridge was a tale when i was young. So was the lady in the mist. The road going across the Bridge didn’t end but went up the hill to a road south of Greenford. They closed the road because of lack of maintenance and teenage party’s among other things. In all them years i never seen or heard and cults ,gangs or such there. And definitely no animal sacrifices. But who ever wrote this does spin a good yarn. LOL!

  12. My family and Iived there from 69 to 75. we plaid on that bridge. Road our bikes over it and down the road after it. My Dad would hunt in the woods. Never saw anything bad or scary .

  13. I just moved to salem a few years ago. I heard the stories and went and checked it out- both night and day times. At night it was pretty creepy. But I heard no baby crying or anything like that. During the day I walked from the road down to the bridge. I saw no rope hanging under the bridge, however there was the bodies / skills of dead animals. Which seems very weird. I’ve hunted my whole life, and have seen a lot of dead animals- but these were different. They were not killed my human means- they appeared to have been burnt. Either way- I don’t put much stock in ghost stories. A lot of that is just in a persons mind. If u want to see head lights and hear creepy things you can. But it doesn’t change what’s true and what’s real

  14. Me and my sister and grandma n Grandmas friend n her nephew went here a few years ago it was scary late at night me and my sister were scared to roll down windows we heard someone walking on the left side of bridge it sounded like it was getting closer didn’t hear anything else would like to try this again

  15. You guys are pretty damn stupid. Not haunted at all. I go there in the dead of night alone. Just be careful of the nobodies who like to watch you from the woods and attack woman and children. Most men are left alone. If you decide to go here, just bring a gun or knife. Simple. -LWI

  16. I was there just a few nights ago. There’s a trolley that does ghost tours, it’s offered by the historical society. It was pretty cheesy and all, but when we stopped the trolley and then tried starting it back up again it wouldn’t start. Now, I’m not an idiot. No one else on the trolley was either so we all just thought the guide and the driver were just screwing with us. Well they weren’t. She actually had to call a tow truck and report back to someone at where the trolley reported back to, to tell them we were stuck at crybaby bridge. Luckily someone was camping nearby and they gave us a jump. Then again, for a few nights beforehand I guess they were screwing with the trolley riders making sounds and pretending to be from the alleged cult. There was a logical explanation for the battery dying however. Something to do with a previous tour. I don’t know, believe what you want I guess. It was just an odd coincidence that the engine quit in that exact spot at that exact time.

  17. Played down there in the 60’s,then bought the property in1980 got tired of people throwing old couches and refrigerators out so I put the gate up.was always stuff going on down there, but the cry baby stuff is all bs.always was reeds hill and bridge and still is.

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