Submission: Cedar Point Ghost Boy

When you go to Cedar Point this summer, be sure to check out its newest ghostly attraction.  If you are confused about which Cedar Point ghost we are talking about, Rich shares photos to help you identify the right one:

My wife took these photos at our stay at the Breakers Inn at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. In the first photo, a young boy is seen in the right side of the picture.  You can also see my wife’s reflection in the left. There was no little boy anywhere near her when she took this picture. 


She then took another photo a few minutes later after she looked at the photo and saw what she captured.


10 thoughts on “Submission: Cedar Point Ghost Boy

  1. I worked at Cedar Point summer of 2005 … heard a lot of ghost stories about the Breakers – none involving a little boy, but this just adds to the lore. Creepy pic.

  2. You were not there to make the call if it was someone behind the picture taker. The boy appeArs to be dressed in very old time clothing. She caught a ghost for sure!

  3. i work here now and i never seen anything in breakers but if your in the park at night when it is closed and there is no one around if you watch the carousel in the front of the park i have seen with my own eyes there is a woman and a old man riding the carousel holding hands and if you look at them they walk towards you while saying get out get out

  4. If you look very close at the photo, it actually looks like the “ghost” is a reflection in glass and that it is in fact wearing a t-shirt, standing next to a man with a camera, also in a t-shirt. It rather looks like a picture taken in a museum of a picture behind glass . . .

  5. I was at breaker and was in the snoopy room my son was6 he would be wide awake and seen a little boy he was so scared

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