Crybaby Bridge: Newton Falls

(Orig. Published 6/2003)

Located in Trumbull county in Newton Falls, this historic covered bridge is the site of yet another horrific infanticide.  The bridge was built in 1831.  It is the second oldest covered bridge in Ohio.  It is still used today, as a one-lane access road to a trailer park on the other side.

As the legend goes, in the late 1800’s, a young mother threw her infant over the bridge and into the Mahoning River below. Apparently, she was trying to hide her pregnancy from the community.  The river swept the baby under the bridge, where it drowned.

It is said that you can still hear the baby’s cries coming from underneath the bridge. Continue reading

Crybaby Bridge: Helltown

(Orig. Published 5/2003)

Of course, Helltown has a crybaby bridge. The actual story is a little fuzzy on the details– at some point in the past, a child was supposedly thrown off the bridge and died in the Cuyahoga river below.   Continue reading