Submission: Woolyburger Cemetery (multiple)

5/2/05: Dim the lights real low to get the full horrific effect of Kari’s Top Ten List of All Things Evil at Woolyburger Cemetery.

Hello, I have also visited the cemetery, which is also known as the Little Pennsylvania Cemetery. Wooly Burger is a name it gained over time due to the rumors of a large Big Foot-like creature living back there. I have never experienced a Big Foot encounter but I have definitely experienced many different things back there such as… Continue reading

Submission: Leroy’s Bridge (multiple)

Three different readers share their own personal experiences that forever bind them to the tragic, haunted Leroy’s Bridge.

1/1/05Paper Hanger offers his take on the tragic, haunted legend of Leroy’s Bridge, as well as his own creepy experiences with “The Walking Dude”:

While I was living in West Salem, I heard of a local legend called Leroy’s Bridge.  I lived about 2 miles away from the bridge, but it’s not the story or the bridge itself that still send a chill up my spine.. Continue reading

Submission: Ghost pic from Beaver Creek?

November 2011:  Is this a ghost in Jessica’s pic?

A few years back me and a few family members went down to Gretchen’s Lock and to the Hambleton Mill. We were snapping a few pictures and at first didn’t think we found anything. Well recently I came across these pictures again and when I looked closely at this one, my husband and I think we see a man’s face with 2 black dots for eyes and he has a mustache. See if you see anyone.

Submission: Egypt Road

June 2012:   If recent news and Kathryn’s own encounter aren’t warning enough to stay away from Egypt Road’s Crybaby Bridge, then….

I’m sure you get tons of emails saying “I swear I saw this” or “I swear I heard” this, so why listen to me?  Why not just throw my email out, but you have come thus far in reading so please read until the end. Continue reading