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On April 25th, 2003, Dead Ohio traveled to the Pittsburgh Comicon to attend the 25th Anniversary Reunion of Dawn of the Dead.  Several actors from the movie appeared at the reunion, including Ken Foree ("Peter" and the only male survivor), David Emge ("Stephen" aka "Flyboy"), David Early (T.V. talk show host "Mr. Bermna") and some of the more notable "zombies," including Leonard Lies ("Machete Zombie"), and Jim Krut ("Helicopter Zombie").

Anyone familiar with Dawn of the Dead knows that the movie was filmed inside Monroeville Mall.  The mall has been a popular attraction for fans of the film.  Perhaps because of that, security is very strict.  According to one store manager we spoke to, guards are known to take the film from anyone successful enough to capture photos inside.

However, that Friday night, the owners of the mall agreed to reopen its doors and allow a private walking tour of Monroeville Mall for the cast and fans of the movie.  As Dawn of the Dead is this website's favorite horror movie, we could not pass up the opportunity to explore the mall with the actors from the film.

This tour of Monroeville Mall would not be complete without the "official" mall music from the movie.  To browse this page with the mall music, click here.




Monroeville Mall has undergone quite a few changes during the last 25 years.  In fact, the only original store left is J.C. Penney.  The ice rink is gone, as well as most of the recognizable fixtures (including that tacky clock tower).  Yet, the parking lot has remained pretty much the same, including the lights.




After consuming mass quantities of tasty beverages while waiting at the nearby hotel, our journey to Mecca finally began.

This must be a very active site.  So many orbs...


Upon approaching the main entrance, we came across this group of confused, stray mall rats.  If anyone knows of someone who can give them a good home, please contact Lost & Found, located on the lower level in the Center Court.

"Mommy...Where do zombies come from?"








Actors David Emge and Leonard Lies discuss the filming of the motorcycle raid scene from the balcony.


What used to be the ice rink is now a food court.


While the inside of the mall has undergone a facelift last November, the 70's style skylights remain.


The service entrance hallway.


The original glass service entrance.


Leonard Lies demonstrates the machete scene using the original prop.


David Emge, looking somewhat bored.


David Early.


The former Equibank, now a National City Bank.





"Flyboy" leads the crowd down the famous hallway to the hideaway entrance.




The entrance.


David Emge reenacts "Flyboy's" climactic zombie homecoming.






At the time of the tour, the group was barred from going inside J.C. Penney.  However, earlier in the day, we visited the place on our own and took photographs.


The infamous elevator.


Inside the elevator.  The Mother's Day promo poster almost killed the mood.


The pegs in the center railing were recently removed, tempting us to go for a slide.  Better to keep the camera than press our luck.




The hallway leading to the boiler room.


A side hallway.


Below, some photos from inside the boiler room.



The boiler room office, barely noticeable behind the sheets of paper and clipboards covering the window.