Submission: Athens College

Orig. Published 10/30/03:  Haunted Athens College.  Yikes! Alexandra shares some creepy experiences from a safe distance out-of-state:

First of all, I’d really like to point out that reading these stories about haunted places at 2:30 am is not exactly the brightest thing in the world because now every little noise is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Great. Continue reading

Submission: St. Timothy Episcopal Church

Orig. Published 12/10/02:  Hmmm.  A haunted church in Massillon.  Here’s the scoop, and some questions, as submitted by OhioLady:

 I live in Massillon Ohio. I absolutely love the paranormal. I read all of the Haunted Ohio books. But there was one story that caught my eye. St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church on the corner of Oak and 3rd. Continue reading

Submission: Moonville Tunnel

Orig. Published 10/18/03:  Fast-Freight ecently conducted an investigation of Moonville with his wife, and uncovers a little-known death at Moonville Tunnel.  Here are the gruesome (and fascinating) details:

My wife and I did a spur of the moment trip down to Moonville on October 16th, 2003.  It was my 4th trip to the tunnel.  We arrived around 5:45pm.  I first had to walk back through the rock cut site of the Dec. 26 1939 wreck.  Whenever I come to this wreck site, the temperature seems to drop at least 15 degrees. Continue reading

Submission: Riverside Cemetery

Orig. Published 2/24/03:  Here’s a particularly chilling submission by Russell, who has also offered two pictures he took of Riverside Cemetery’s chapel this past summer (see below).   

I lived around Riverside Cemetery when I was a kid and used to play there before they built I-71.  My brother and I have always witnessed strange sounds/sights there when we were younger.  We have since moved away to Lorain county, but both my parents and my two brothers are buried there and I visit a few times a year. Continue reading